I’m currently in Budapest for work, because that’s the kind of thing that happens in my life now. Did you know that this city is split into two sections by the Danube river, with one side referred to as Buda and the other as Pest? I didn’t either! We have so much in common! (Disclaimer: the most fascinating thing to me about reading about Otzi in college was discovering that Italy and Switzerland share a border, so maybe it’s not super shocking that European geography frightens and confuses me.)

I’m here for a conference, so this trip will be more about actual focus and less about trolling the city looking for the tastiest pastries, but I managed to sneak in some sightseeing this morning. Like most places in Europe, the architecture and history just astounds me. In Los Angeles, preserving Art Deco buildings from the 1930s seems like too much effort. I cannot believe the centuries that are on display in Europe. It is incredible.


These went well, as per usual.




The Danube River, the Parliament building, and the Chain Bridge.


The Chain Bridge, complete with Anxiety Lion. He looks like he just remembered he has a midterm. Poor guy.


A turret in Fisherman’s Bastion, which sits on an enormous hill overlooking the Danube and offers gorgeous views of the city.


Matthias Church, the one thing I was desperate to see. It’s so colorful and whimsical. For a big secular jerkface, I am really, really, particularly in love with churches and cathedrals. They are just so obviously revered and are always so lovingly constructed and maintained.


The inside of Matthias Church.




And again.

10481419_10103469126050406_4756998382146835873_n 10480616_10103469127063376_5263630442433917286_n 10491209_10103469125401706_6736851579869175410_n10491217_10103469127262976_4312085358635529031_n10474762_10103469127472556_6899359015706653086_n10500347_10103469126783936_8124354506493774417_n10486781_10103469125905696_3660943249359537603_n

Two things I discovered in the three hours I wandered:

1) An unexpected and completely awesome perk to touring by myself with just a purse and no visible camera is that people trying to sell tours or trinkets leave me alone. I’ve got no backpack, paparazzi lens, or large group of chattering Americans to clue them into the fact that I am precisely the demographic their bosses would love them to force flyers upon. It’s a marvelous loophole. Such a discovery.

2) I (/maybe all women?) am (/are?) a hot commodity here. I can sometimes be a pretty big downer about cat calls and obnoxious unwanted attention from strange men, but being so fresh from my Norway experience, where I was literally a bridge troll in comparison to most of the population and where approximately zero percent of the Ken dolls parading the streets were interested, it’s nice to have a bit of an ego boost. It’s Compliment City over here. Love it.


3 thoughts on “Budapest!

  1. I cannot go on vacation without finding myself in or on the grounds of a church. Even while in Key West, I passed a church and had to go inside. They have a pull–I think it’s the beauty and stillness I find inside. Loved your photos!


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