The Doorway to Norway.


Oh, Norway. The land of beautiful landscapes, gorgeous people, obscene expense, and I Farta nuts.

Thing I Loved About Norway:

It was, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. It’s on par with the Scottish Highlands and the west coast of Ireland – both insanely beautiful places. My friend Cold Mountain and I spent approximately ten bajillion dollars on an all-day fjord cruise and train ride, and it was worth every damn Norwegian Krone (1016 of them, to be exact). It was so, so, so spectacular.

The fjord, from our boat:

10294497_10103354312906866_5357656281591225576_n 10312407_10103354312632416_6885389792605632785_n 10369727_10103354301200326_4362994083116936852_n 10247499_10103354300117496_2523541089430693986_n 10269458_10103354300292146_427232590445860942_n 10294259_10103354312457766_8985429837626107720_n

The mountains, from our train:

1979848_10103354878513386_88842436532773229_n 10270806_10103354878164086_2440832451592670085_n 10289793_10103354877625166_512017366021686391_n 10329296_10103354876816786_8261353084085477031_n 10359219_10103354871936566_8549327545945711107_n

My crappy cell phone photos absolutely do not do it justice. The whole four-day trip was worth the five hours we spent cruising in the fjord. It was just. Awesome.

The city of Bergen wasn’t too bad either.

10313145_10103351550991766_7232818692447892127_n 10313760_10103357427076046_6998023247948220302_n 10325397_10103357423612986_5343440168931770510_n 10339663_10103357426821556_4245073407742208570_n

And I got a pastry (or three)!


Thing I Did Not Love About Norway:



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