Shocking News, Norway, and Toilet Fingers.

Things Of Note:

1) Filed Under “Shocker”: I bailed on the half marathon. And not even because I hate running so much (although not running crazy miles every other morning will certainly be appreciated). I’ve decided not to do it simply because I am poor, and the marathon is in Cork, Ireland, and flights from London to Cork the weekend I’d be going are upwards of £150, even on the cheapest sites. (I think it’s because it is a bank holiday, or three day weekend, in Ireland.) You’d think I would have considered this before I agreed to fly over for the weekend in the first place, but in my defense, I happen to be very close to someone who just booked a return flight between those two cities for £35, so I wasn’t expecting such a price hike. In addition, I’m saving all my pennies because this weekend

2) I’m going to Norway! One of my closest friends in all the land is in Scandinavia for a conference, and asked me to meet him in Norway for a few days. I have known this person, whom I affectionately call Cold Mountain because he is giant and also very icy, since my very first night as an undergrad in the dorms at UCLA, and it seems pretty fitting that he’ll be the first person I see from home in several months. We have absolutely no plans – the idea is to get there and find some fjords and eat a lot and take photos. I pride myself on discovering, locating, and consuming local pastries in every city I visit, so my plans for this trip are basically: hike a fjord and eat some goodies. I’m so excited. I AM SO EXCITED.

3) People tend to give me a hard time because I am a totally neurotic hypochondriac. I can’t even tell you how many times friends have tried to cajole me into doing things like walking around barefoot in a city or playing beer pong and drinking out of the same cups twenty other people just used. My answer is always, always and forever, no. No, never. I will bring my shower shoes on all the vacations. I own my craziness. It has kept me safe.

And in addition, you know what? I’m right. I’m proven right all the time. Recently, I posted about the public restroom horror that is the inside door handle. Today, I was in a bathroom at work, thoroughly scrubbing my paws, when a woman left a stall and walked proudly out of the bathroom without washing her hands, grabbing the inside door handle with her filthy toilet fingers. And she did that with me as an audience. Most of the time, I think people who normally wouldn’t care about hygiene might be shamed into it by the other people around them. This woman was unfazed.

Just imagine what people do when they are alone, and then tell me you don’t want to advocate for bathroom doors that swing out.

It’s important to have causes you believe in.


4 thoughts on “Shocking News, Norway, and Toilet Fingers.

  1. What about getting a flight from London to Dublin with Ryanair or Aer Lingus and then get the train? I can’t believe it’s so expensive!! But as I just remembered you’re already in Norway, oh well – not like anybody likes running anyway…

    • I know. I feel really silly about the whole thing. But after spending four days in Norway, I just can’t. Especially when I pretty much hated every second of the training to begin with.


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