The More You Know.

Dear everyone: prepare yourselves. Today is your lucky day.

Why, you ask? Am I about to reveal the secrets of the universe? Do I have some winning lotto numbers? Are you going to suddenly realize that this blog contains the answers to every single trying, soul-wrenching question that haunts you?

Well, probably. Later. When I feel like it.

Right now, I’m mostly referring to the fact that I’m about to participate in a Liebster nomination for the second time. You know, the Liebster, in which the nominee provides eleven factoids about herself and then answers eleven questions posed by her nominator.

The reason this is so great for all of you is that I did this already, about a year and a half ago, right here, so really, you’re all getting  twenty-two factoids for the price of ten minutes of your life you’ll never get back. Small price to pay, if you ask me.

This time, I was nominated for the Liebster by a very stylish, totally gorgeous blogger I started stalking when I first began googling acne supplements. Her name is Brittany Jo and she writes over at Knee Deep In Lovely. You should go to there. Like, right now. Let me break from character for a moment and in absolute sincerity just say that I’m genuinely thrilled that she thought to tag me in her Liebster. Sometimes, I am still in awe of the connective power of the internet. Thank you, thank you, Brittany Jo!

Eleven Things You Don’t Already Know About Me:

1) I’ve been living in England for four months and I still don’t understand the coinage. When faced with having to use coins to pay for things, I literally just hold open a palm full of change and helplessly beg cashiers to handle it. And because the English are really kind and wonderful, every single person does. They handle it for me.

2) I am 27 and I still have to run up the stairs to safety when I turn off all the lights downstairs at night.

3) I am vehemently anti-sharing foods and cups. I watched five people drink from the same straw the other night and almost had a panic attack by proxy. No.

4) I used to have a list of things I had never done, and it made me feel really puritanical and high and mighty and proud of myself. Now, I keep a list of all the things I have done and my life is really rich and awesome.

5) I am incredibly blessed with some remarkably sane, wonderful friends at home in the US. I constantly reconsider my move across the world because it just doesn’t feel right to be so far away from them.

6) I could eat a bean and rice burrito for every meal for the rest of my life and never once miss other food.

7) I wear a cardigan almost every day. I LOVE CARDIGANS. So versatile. So cozy. So totally justified because: English weather.

8) As much as I hate to admit this, I’m a little judgey when children are out of control in public places. I know, I know, I don’t have them and I should shut up. But I taught twenty of them at a time for eight hours a day for years, and I know there are ways of handling crises without giving into tantrums or using force. I’ll make sure to eat lots of humble pie when my children make a habit of throwing cans of soup across grocery stores, okay?

9) I. love. Mindy. Kaling.

10) When I was 11, I won a bicycle in a phone contest through Nickelodeon, and then panicked and hung up the phone when the woman asked me for my zip code, because I didn’t know it. I never got my bike.

11) I have always handled pressure really well.

Eleven Questions I Was Asked:

1) What do you eat for breakfast?

Plain organic oatmeal with diced apple, cinnamon, and a spoonful or two of ground flaxseed. Every morning. I am nothing if not boring and gross.

2) Do you prefer emotional or physical risks?

Definitely emotional risks. I am too freaked out about bodily harm to take physical risks.

3) What are your biggest blogging challenges?

Writing about things people care about. It’s very rare that I have any real knowledge or information to share with the world. No tips, no tricks, no tutorials. Sometimes, I feel guilty subjecting people to what is just essentially a glorified diary.

4) What do you order at coffee shops?

Five months ago, the answer would have been a soy latte with an extra shot – regardless of size, always an extra shot. However, now that I’m off the juice, it’s always green tea, when I can summon up the desire to pay as much for one tea bag in a coffee shop as I’d pay for 25 at the grocery store. (Glass half empty over here.)

5) If you won the lottery, would you still work a 9-5?

Not at first. I’d get all the traveling and eating out of the way, and then probably get desperate for structure again.


6) If you could have either unlimited time or unlimited money, which would you pick?

Unlimited time, I think. I’m learning you don’t need a ton of money to do the things you love. What you always, always need more of, though, is time.

7) What is the purchase you regret the most?

Pretty much everything I buy, just after I buy it. I always feel like I shouldn’t be spending money, even if it’s on things like food to keep me alive.

8) Which trendy food have you gotten WAY into?

I think my trendy food of choice right now absolutely has to be specialty teas. I am all about them these days. Green tea with ginseng and raspberry. AMAZING.

9) Have you ever wanted to change your name? If so, to what?

I forced my third grade teacher to call me “Zoey” for six months. She loved it.

10) What is your favorite way to spend money?

Travel, absolutely. I’m getting really good at living on a budget all month in order to finance regular major trips. I want to get the most of living in Europe.

11) What is the most bizarre dream you’ve ever had?

When I was kid, I had a recurring dream that King Kong was juggling TVs in our garage. Please, someone, interpret that for me.



3 thoughts on “The More You Know.

  1. YES! I was just coming to tell you that I nominated you! (I’m a little sloooow) and you are all over it…I LOVE THIS!! You have such a good writing voice. I honestly enjoyed the shout out (C’mon…who wouldn’t?) but especially reading your answers! Cheers!!

    • Yay! I’m glad I did you proud. The fact that I was so on top of this proves that I am, in fact, a total stalker – just waiting for the next post on your blog. 🙂


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