Photo Phriday.

I’m not particularly fired up about anything that happened in my own life this week. I did, however, find out some exceptionally awesome news about a new, life changing development for one of my closest friends in the world. This person kept me from completely losing my mind last year, and I am (quite seriously) forever indebted to her. I am so, so thrilled for her. I am also conveniently making it all about me. Getting huge news from home is bittersweet – I am so excited that it’s happening and also a little bit devastated by how much I’m giving up to be here. There is enormous, wonderful life happening for my people and I am too far away to participate in it.

Nothing earth shattering here (other than battling some pretty epic homesickness). I’ve been super busy with work and have managed to keep up with the running, gradually adding mileage, still terrible at pacing myself, still feel like my bones are grinding into dust. I realized while out yesterday that I’d run 4.5 miles in about 30 minutes, which put me at around 7-minute miles. That most certainly does not need to be happening. I’m hoping, come race day, I’ll be forced into a pace by the pack of other idiots running this thing with me.

And there will now officially be a race day, as I just registered yesterday. I think I was secretly hoping to get out of having to do this. Unfortunately, that plan did not go well.

Last weekend, I went to the southern coast and hiked and ate and meandered with some new friends (yes: friends!). It was a gorgeous day. England has its moments.

unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-1

Last night, I went to a fancy gala fundraiser for a department at the university, and did my own eye makeup. Forgive me. I am so proud of myself.


And, in case you all thought I was some classy, make-up doing success now, here’s a text I sent this week:

unnamed-4It’s the little things.


4 thoughts on “Photo Phriday.

  1. I must be awesome to have your skin feeling better. I remember when I was in school how miserable I was and really I still get zits from time to time. How I wish they would go away forever!

  2. Lol ur email was the 1st one I opened this a.m. Y u ask? What’s wrong with this girl? Ha, ur stories cracking me up n I needed a smile 😉 Thanks for sharing n keep it up. U never know who’s day u will make! thank u!

    • Why thank you! I’m hesitant to put this out there, because the Universe loves to prove me wrong, but it’s currently been two full weeks without a pimple. I’m not expecting it to last forever, but it’s nice to obsess about my job and my life instead of my face for a change. 🙂


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