Half Marathon Training Day 3: Meh.

Two exciting things happened this morning: I ran 3 miles in 28 minutes (and only had to take three 30 second walking breaks), and I finally got my hair totally clean.

Let’s start with the biggest success, shall we? Which is, of course, my hair.

I am very cheap and because of this, I am also usually not particularly invested in one product over another. I’m not going to be paying $30 for eyeliner regardless, so most of the time, I use whatever I can get my hands on. However, there is one beauty product I cannot live happily without and it is Suave’s Daily Clarifying Shampoo.


This inspires such beauty and hope.

Yes, Suave, which can be purchased in the States in Target for on or around $1 a bottle. This magical elixir is literally the only shampoo in the entire world (or at least the Western Hemisphere) that gets my hair clean, shiny, and manageable. I know this because I’ve tried pretty much every other brand available to me and this story always ends with tons of impenetrable product buildup that makes my hair sticky, tacky, and just generally disgusting. I brought two bottles of my dear Suave with me when I moved, and just recently ran out and could not find it anywhere in the UK. On Amazon, this $1 drugstore shampoo retails for about £8.00, which was just unreal to me. Apparently there is a niche market in US drugstore products. Instead of caving and giving the Amazon shampoo warlords what they wanted (which were, namely, outrageous shipping fees), I bought a natural clarifying shampoo and was so proud of myself for ridding all parts of my life of harsh chemicals. I’m eating so much better and drinking so much more water and using natural mineral makeup and washing my face with only water and exercising regularly – it only makes sense that I’d start washing my hair with less harsh shampoo, right?

Cut to yesterday, I washed my head thoroughly with that natural clarifying shampoo, dried and “styled” my hair, and only discovered that it was still filthy underneath at the roots near my ears when I absentmindedly ran my fingers through my hair at breakfast.  And I’ll tell you, nothing makes a girl feel better about taking on the day than knowing that she is going to work having effectively not washed her hair for weeks.

Thankfully, a friend offered to pick up any American product I wanted while she was in New York for Easter, and I’d had the forethought to ask for some Suave. She arrived bearing this nectar of the gods yesterday and I am now experiencing sweet, sweet relief. My scalp is clean! My hair is light and no longer feels coated with buildup! I took an effective shower!

Such a win.

And then, additionally but also less importantly, I managed to run a full three miles this morning a) without dying and b) within a half hour, even though I stopped a few times to walk briskly for thirty seconds. (I can’t deny that I needed those breaks, but I also did read somewhere that when you’re just beginning to run again, it’s advised to insert short rest periods into your training. So. That’s my excuse.) I’m happy to have gotten under thirty minutes simply because ten-minute half marathon miles seem totally doable, even to me now. If I’m able to keep up that pace, or improve it at all, I’m looking at around a two hour and fifteen minute race time, which I think would be respectable, given that I am going from zero to hero with this distance running shenanigans. I’m going to pretend I don’t know that people run half marathons in just over an hour. Because no.




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