Half Marathon Training Day 2: Ugh.

I went on my second run yesterday morning, and it was decidedly less cute than the first. Once, long, long ago, I was a sprinter, running for seven years for club and high school teams in my hometown. I was by no means a track star, but I consistently placed (sometimes even speeding across the finish line first!). My fastest 100m was 12.1 seconds (again – no track star) and I once ran a mile in 6 minutes, before then immediately wanting to get violently ill all over myself. Despite how miserable the entire experience was both during and after, my six-minute mile is still a moment of glory for me, because I’ve never been a distance runner and that will never happen again.

Which brings us back to yesterday morning at 7 am, when I laced up my new running shoes and hit the local park with the seemingly lax goal to run three miles in less than a half hour. And it was brutal. My biggest issue is, and always has been, pacing myself with distance, as I usually start at lightning speed and then forget to power down, which results in things like an accidental six-minute mile and lots of agony. In addition, I feel like I only have good form at faster paces, so going slower makes me feel like I’m a big lumbering mess. Also, jogging at a moderate speed reminds me of those nightmares when you are running your little heart out and yet moving in slow motion.

I’ve decided to “train” every other day, so tomorrow morning I’ll go out again. I am so looking forward to it.



9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Day 2: Ugh.

  1. Which half marathon are you doing?

    In November I decided to sign up to the great north run despite never ever bet running before!!

    And I can’t be bothered with training. I can now run about 5 miles in just under a hour but my mind (yes mind not feet) won’t run any further.

    • I’m doing the Cork City Half Marathon in Cork, Ireland on June 2nd. Which is like five weeks away. Which makes me very stupid.

      I spent six weeks in Cork last summer, and I basically just wanted an excuse to get back there. I am such a mentally stable human being.

      I am so jealous that you can already run five miles in under an hour and you have until November. Three miles yesterday was a struggle. I’m telling myself it was just the pace so that I don’t panic and quit. 🙂

      • Oh no I signed up last November so I’m running it in this September. My biggest problem is I had to pledge to raise 400£ for charity and so far I’ve got £69. So many people have told me straight thy don’t think I will do it so part of me is like meh why bother

      • I can send you a video of me struggling through a run and you can post it with the caption, “If this dummy can do it, so can I!” and then everyone will donate to your fund.

        Just a thought.

        It’s so nice of you to do it for a charitable cause. I’m doing it entirely for bragging rights. And a medal.

      • I’m sure that they’d be happy with whatever you manage to raise! I can’t imagine they’d turn down £69 just because it’s not £400. 🙂


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