Healing Acne Naturally.

So, as promised, here are a few makeup-free photos of my face’s progress since the beginning of this journey into the hippie rabbit hole almost six weeks ago. I’ve taken all these photos either with cell phones or with Photo Booth on my computer, so the quality leaves something to be desired.

March 11, active, gross, unrelenting – pretty much what my face looked like from late January to March. These photos don’t do it justice, really, but suffice to say it was Not Good:

IMG_4055IMG_4054March 29, no active acne (just prior to The Great Red Wine Binge of 2014, which ended in total skin madness):

Photo on 3-29-14 at 4.30 PM

Today, April 21, no active acne, just tons of hyperpigmentation:

Photo on 4-21-14 at 12.09 PM #2I apologize for the intensity in the above photo. I was struggling with the lighting. I can go from zero to ghost pretty quickly in Photo Booth in direct sunlight.

Guys. I think there’s something to this DIM/agnus castus/burdock root/zinc/vitamin A/omega-3 stuff. By being (mostly) mindful about what I put into my body, taking supplements to help regulate my hormones, and drinking tons of water to flush out my liver/remove toxins, I am keeping my acne at bay. Since getting home from Prague and clearing the latest major break out, I’ve gotten a few new pimples, but I’ve managed to treat them with small dabs of baking soda and water paste and they have been nothing near the caliber I’d been dealing with before. I went from waking up to new, deeply rooted pimples every morning to being able to pinpoint the causes of the one or two new spots I get occasionally. I’m even sort of grateful for being able to identify “break outs,” as for a while there, the acne was so constant, there were no waves, no breaks, no discernible changes. It may be difficult to tell from the above photos, but there has been major change in both the quality and the topography of my skin. All I’ve got at the moment is scarring.

I feel like this is handling several birds with one stone – I’m addressing the root of my lifelong skin problems, while also taking better care of my body and feeling better about myself. And all I’ve really had to do is eat more veggies, take extra vitamins, and get used to having to pee every hour. I am convinced that hydration is the key. Water, water, water – always. It has helped so much.

I’m not going to eschew all Western medicine, because I will be the first to admit I love Excedrin Migraine. However, it’s pretty remarkable that the answer to my acne, which has plagued me for my entire adult life, appears to be in making small changes to my lifestyle, and not in harsh chemical prescriptions or topical medications.

I will eat tons of broccoli and proudly fill my old lady pill divider with handfuls of supplements for the rest of time if it means I can have this control over what I look like and how I feel about myself. And I will recommend it highly to anyone else who is having similar issues.


2 thoughts on “Healing Acne Naturally.

  1. Giiiirrrl! I’m with on this struggle!! I’ve been taking the herbal supplements you mentioned for almost a year now. They worked great for awhile, but not so great now. Have you experienced this at all? I hope not! It’s traumatizing! Gah! I hate hormones!!

    • Oh hellllllllo! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but it’s nice to know we’re not alone!

      I’m only about seven weeks into the supplement craziness, so as of now, they’re still helping to manage it (I think). My skin’s not perfect by any means (since I posted this, I broke out a little), but I’m actually happy about having “breakouts” as opposed to just constant boiling on my chin.

      What I hate the most is having to watch what I eat so closely. I MISS CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE SO MUCH.

      Sometimes, I think it would be totally worth it to go back on birth control. I was so pretty on birth control. 🙂


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