Starting Over.


Oh, how I’ve missed this. I’ve had the most eventful, dramatic, blog-worthy two months of my entire life and yet have had no idea how to make the transition from “married person blogging about conception” to “divorced 27-year-old living with her parents for the first time in ten years,” and therefore could not share it in real time.


In fact, I’m still pretty damn sure I don’t know how to do it. However, in the last eight weeks, I’ve done literally every single other thing that has been terrifying me and making me anxious and haunting my dreams for the past several years of my life (read: ended a major relationship, finished my thesis, applied to graduate from my Master’s program, started leading a classroom, to name a few), so I have full faith in my abilities to talk about myself on the internet again.

Until I figure out exactly how to explain my new life, please enjoy some photos of me and the Fiece, who is basically in college now, and her younger sister, who is, sadly, almost always eclipsed by the never-ending tornado of crazy that is the Fiece. A gigantic, absolutely sincere thank you to Fertile Myrtle, for being the most supportive, kind, and generous friend during the worst/best time of my entire life, and for letting me snuggle her babies whenever I felt like spinning out. I love you, darlings.

1395828_10102743957663666_517738597_n 1385507_10102761691884146_32817600_n 1374926_10102761692088736_177552355_n 1378102_10102730814168336_1687669211_n 1235277_10102671693786056_114231521_n 1383648_10102764399762536_1485825192_n 580300_10102669032524246_646092173_n

And finally, la piece de resistance, Fiece all fired up over a particularly gruesome moment in Katy Perry’s “Roar” video:

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon, with tales of travels and dramas and huge, epic, Eat-Pray-Love-y personal growth.

P.S. If you really missed me and want to thank someone for lighting this new posting fire, head over and say hi to Katy. She sent me the most thoughtful, wonderful email the other day, and made me realize that I need this back in my life. Thank you, Katy! Much love.


8 thoughts on “Starting Over.

  1. A wise person once told me, that the worst part of new experiences and life changing situations occur in the early days and then as sure as the sun comes out every morning I was going to feel better with each passing day! She told me this when I was facing the tragic death of a true friend (some experts say that facing divorce is as hard as losing a loved one), and you know what she was true. It still hurts now and then (its been almost 14 years), however I’ve moved on, and so will you. Life doesn’t stop, just hop on when you’re ready to move on.


  2. WOW! I just noticed you were back to posting on Instagram and was hoping to see a new blog update but never did I think so much has changed in a couple months! I’m glad to see you are holding together after what seems like a crazy 8 weeks and that you have the support you need in your life to keep on keeping on!


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