The Supremes.

Goodbye, DOMA and Prop 8! In a move I can only imagine was a going away present for me, today the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and essentially paved the way for marriage equality in California by removing a pesky (read: totally disgusting) piece of legislation called Proposition 8. This is a major win for everyone in the country who believes that personal prejudice or religious belief should not, and cannot, be legislated in the United States of America. I am proud to be on the right side of history. And now I get to attend the weddings of all of my friends!

However, not everyone is so pleased this morning. I made a mistake in reading the comment threads on articles celebrating the decisions and now I must share with you two of the most ridiculous arguments against the Supreme Court’s ruling:

1) “The Bible says marriage is between one man and one woman.” Really? We are really, for realz, like actually still arguing this? Okay, let’s. If you insist. There are (at least) two huge fundamental idiocies woven into an argument like this. The first is that the Bible says a lot of really outdated, totally ridiculous shit that has no place in a modern world, like, for instance, that adultery is punishable by stoning, that divorce is not an option, and that tattoos are unacceptable. The world has progressed just a smidge in the last three thousand years, and clinging to one Biblical tenet like a maniacal nutcase while disregarding all the other very conservative prohibitions in the tome makes you a hypocrite. I mean, really. The second huge fundamental idiocy in this Biblical argument is that the United States doesn’t not legislate religion. It’s right there in the CONSTITUTION, you self-appointed constitutional scholars. It doesn’t matter what your religious text says. It can have no bearing on what laws can be established in this country.

Oh, it’s okay because the “Founding Fathers” were religious, and created the U.S. as a nation “under God”? Mmkay.

images Jefferson_on_Christianity Religion 0222

Regardless of how they felt individually, the men who established the United States were dedicated to the preservation of the personal freedoms of everyone in their new country, not just those who shared their various personal views. It’s pretty upsetting to consider that the Founding Fathers were actually about 1000% more progressive two hundred and fifty years ago than the people dishonoring their legacy all over the place are today.

2) “In California, we voted for Prop 8, and the Supreme Court can just change our decision? This is the downfall of democracy.” Actually, no. This is democracy in action. One of the purposes of the Supreme Court is to “just change decisions” like this, when it is found that such decisions are unconstitutional. Any schmuck with a petition and some seed money can get a proposition on a ballot in California. By no means is that proposition legal or constitutional just because a bunch of jerks agree with it. In fact, if I had the time, energy, money or actual interest in doing so, I could propose initiatives for a bunch of things that are personal and annoying only to me. For example, I could propose that only people with blue eyes can legally buy sunglasses, because our eyes are more light-sensitive and sometimes, there are just not enough stylish choices left over after some dick with brown eyes buys them up. BOOM. New state law: individuals with brown eyes cannot have access to sunglasses. Or, I could propose that people stop cooking bacon and eggs in restaurants, because the smell grosses me out. Assuming I could get enough imbeciles to agree with me (and/or sign their names to a petition on a college campus just to get me the eff out of their faces), we could be living in a state proscribed by insane laws foisted upon it by evil geniuses like myself.

Your voting for something gross, prejudiced, and unconstitutional does not magically make it acceptable. Being part of a majority of bigoted jholes does not make you a sainted Lord of Democracy. It makes you a fool.

Congratulations, thinking people of the world! Our light just got a little brighter!


9 thoughts on “The Supremes.

  1. There is one more problem with using The Bible to define what should be accepted as a true marriage. The concept of marriage has existed at LEAST 15,000 years longer than the Bible..

    • Uggggggggh. I love how they made the “democracy is crumbling” argument. Amazeballs. All they succeeded in doing by winning the election by “popular vote” is to prove there are still tons of enormously bigoted dummies living in California. Go team?

      Although, really: are we surprised?


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