Mystery Science.

By the end of this week, I’ll be in Ireland.  I have just (finally) finished buying all the things I need for the trip and I am planning on organizing, washing, and packing all my new Indiana Jones clothes tomorrow (because I just spent ten hours on travel-related errands and loose-end-tying, and I am spent).  In the spirit of preparation, earlier this morning, I almost published a post about exactly where I’m going and why I’m so excited to go.  However, then my overwhelming paranoia took over and I decided not to give so many details.  I’ve gone back and forth over whether or not to reveal where I’ll be for six weeks and I think I’ve settled on not publicizing the precise location until I get back.  If I was going deep into a remote jungle somewhere, it might be different.  As it stands, though, I’ll be staying in a pretty public place, and I want to stay off the grid.

I feel bad about it, because not discussing the details here implies that at worst, I think you’re all murderers, and at best, I think you care enough about me to randomly show up somewhere you think I’ll be.  And, I don’t think you’re all murderers or fiendish stalkers (for the most part, that is).  I guess I just don’t want to be so accessible.

Therefore, I’m going to start a new, currently private blog on which to record all the minutia of my trip, and here I’ll post close-ups of what’s happening and wide-angle photos of Ireland itself, and just leave out the middle ground (i.e. where I am and what I’m doing) until I get back, when I’ll link to the trip blog and you can get the real deal.

I feel like this entire post reeks of delusions of grandeur.  I’m assuming anyone gives a shit where I’ll be.  I’m also assuming that you’ll be devastated that I’m not live-blogging my entire experience this summer.  However, I felt the need to explain why I’m being such a cryptic ahole, especially to those of you who have been reading since the very beginning, when all I did was grossly overshare.

A silver lining? Travel is always rife with annoyance, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to discuss, even if when I’m staying is cloaked in mystery.


13 thoughts on “Mystery Science.

  1. There is nothing wrong with being sensible and taking reasonable precautions about your personal safety. It is important to remember that the world is generally a very safe place and many people travel through it with no problems, but that still doesn’t mean you should tempt fate. It doesn’t mean you are a cryptic a’hole. Even I don’t post my exact location beyond the vague boundaries of an entire country! Enjoy Ireland, it is a great place!

    • Thanks! I really wanted to be able to share it with everyone here immediately, but you’re right: it’s always safer NOT to tempt fate. I’m going to a public, landmark-y type place and I just can’t feel comfortable broadcasting it.

      I’m SO EXCITED for Ireland. I’m glad to hear it’s fabulous!

  2. I love that you say ahole instead of calling yourself a cryptic asshole or bitch. Lol. You’re wise to do what you’re doing. They have internet access in Ireland and I’d hate for some hooligan to know that a pretty young American is all alone over there and know exactly where she is! That’s not necessary. Have fun and get whatever you need to get done, done! There will be many great stories I’m sure. Enjoy!

  3. I love when you overshare (when I started reading your blog I went back through the archives to ‘catch up’ – how’s THAT for creepy), but I respect your quest for balance and privacy! I think if this is how you’ll be most comfortable, you should do it and not worry about what anyone thinks.

    Have an AMAZING trip!

    • Haha, thanks!!! And I don’t think that’s creepy at all – I do that with every blog I find! That’s one of the major reasons I didn’t want to share this blog with people I knew in person – I was convinced they’d all read the archives. 🙂


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