Such Sweet Sparrow.

Today in Horrible News: Baby Bird Jack Sparrow died yesterday afternoon.  We had countless people tell us that we were nuts or that his death was inevitable.  We are realists, so we believed them, but it was still pretty damn sad to discover that the little bird who had been chirping and getting bigger and actually growing feathers was suddenly dead, despite eating and moving and pooping all day.  We wrapped Jack in some tissue and buried him in our backyard.  In California, we are cautioned against burying pets in yards, for fear that the decomposing animal will seep into ground water or that some j-hole will dig it up later and confuse this


DOG skull.

with this


HUMAN skull.

and call the police.

However, Baby Bird was quite small and I’m assuming his baby bird bones won’t last very long (and if I am an expert in anything, it is in bone biology), and therefore, he got a funeral.  I used a small little ceramic sparrow I had kicking around the patio to mark his tiny grave.  Bleeding heart.

The poor little beast was just starting to open his eyes and was responding to the sound of my husband’s voice.  My husband is really upset, because he had plans to rehab the bird for weeks while I was gone on my trip.  If I’m honest, I’m happy that Baby Bird died now, rather than in a week, when he would be bigger and fluffier and when my husband would be here by himself.

As it is, we gave him several more days than he would have had otherwise and I am content with that.  I just don’t feel good about it.



7 thoughts on “Such Sweet Sparrow.

  1. NO! 😦 RIP Jack. I’m sorry for your loss, even though it seemed inevitable. I was pulling for the lil’ guy. At least it didn’t happen while you were gone.

  2. You did the best you could given the situation. Unfortunately the majority of these little guys just don’t make it. I work at a Vet’s office and I have tried doing the same thing countless times and it usually doesn’t work. But you gave him a better time than if he had laid there on the cement much longer. Good for you for trying.

  3. Thank you for sharing that quote at the end. I feel the same way, and thinking of death as part of a larger life cycle makes me feel better about all kinds of sad stuff. Bleeding heart + crunchy hippie. Hugs to you guys for being great foster parents and putting more love into the world.


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