Me Styled Pretty.

Remember that time I became a Professional Beautiful Person (with the help of tons of hair and makeup, and through the lens of a fantastic photographer, Marianne at Marianne Wilson Photography)???

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that photo shoot has just been featured on Style Me Pretty California and I am officially a famous model.  You can all feel free to say you knew me when.

Click here immediately and check out the feature to see a ton of gorgeous wedding inspiration photos!  I’ve linked it twice.  You have no excuse.  (The SMP post also has the full list of vendors/stylists.)

And if you wanted to help me in my quest to be the Most Pinned Forensic Anthropologist In The World, you could also pin a photo to your Pinterest boards.  I know you’ve got them.  Even you, dudes.

I can’t pretend to know better than the experts at SMP California.  However, here are some of my personal favorites:



This was SO MUCH FUN and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  I’m supremely lucky to get to ride the coattails of so many gorgeous and talented people all the time.



4 thoughts on “Me Styled Pretty.

  1. what wonderful nymph goddesses you three are! your hair is so lovely here – i’d sell a small part of my soul to have my hair professionally styled all the time. and of course, the rest of you is lovely, too. it makes me happy that you got to do this. 🙂

  2. All those wedding shots and not a single one hints that there was an open bar some where to be found? You can’t get drunk on fromage ya know! But other than that, they are lovely.


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