A Sentimental Journey.

A lot has happened recently.  I’ve attended one graduation a day since Thursday.  I will eventually get back to writing with actual words, but this week has been a total blitz and I am wiped.  Here, I present Once Again, This Spring Everyone Graduated Except Sarah:

First, the kids in my class graduated!  It was adorable and stressful and exciting and really, really sad.  I’m going to miss those creeps tremendously.  I have a bunch of super great photos of the day, but I’m too paranoid to post even the backs of kids’ heads, for fear that that’s in breach of privacy contracts at my job.  Therefore, please accept this photo of the gorgeous girls’ floral headbands and a picture of some balloons.



Then, last night, my littlest brother, The Baby, who I absolutely adore, graduated from high school as a valedictorian.  This kid is such a genius that he passed over his acceptance at UCLA in favor of an even more impressive college option.  I have already bound him in a verbal contract to take care of us financially when he is an enormously wealthy doctor.  No escapes.


My brilliant first love. Congratulations, you beast!

photo 4-1

Proof that it is impossible for us to take a good picture together.



My great aunts also told me a good joke:

Have you heard about the man with five penises?

They say his pants fit like a glove!

And finally, today, Fertile Myrtle graduated from the University of Phoenix with her BA in “A Useful Concentration That Will Garner Her A Job.”  Congratulations, darling!  I got to hang out with The Fiece (Baby Fiece was there too, terrifying me with her newborn baby screams) for a couple cuddly hours, which is always, always the best.

photo 1-1

1100 graduates. And they read every. single. name.

photo 2-1

The Fiece, who, one hour and 45 minutes into the ceremony, was exhausted and sweaty and made my life by asking to sit on my lap.

photo 3-1

The Fiece, two hours into the ceremony, when she had HAD it.

I’m anticipating a few days of down time before I go back to finish my thesis research/some work at school.  First on the list: finish the episode of [Redacted Embarrassing ABC Family Show] that has been open (and halfway viewed) on my computer for three days.


7 thoughts on “A Sentimental Journey.

    • It’s PLL. I don’t even know what the hell is happening anymore, but I can’t stop. My husband asked me today to explain something and I literally COULD NOT REMEMBER anything that had led to that plot point. Any show that is going to try to legitimately float a 25+ year old teacher having an accepted relationship with a 16/17 year old girl is just out of control.

      Do you watch it???

      • I’ve been coughing up a lung and catching up on all my TV. I know the new season started recently, but I still have like… 5 episodes to catch up on from winter that have been sitting in my DVR.

        The age difference between Aria and Fitz is much less than the one between me and my boyfriend, so I can’t hate anymore…

      • Oh, the age difference is so not my issue. (…Still waiting on that “how we met” post. 🙂 ) It’s the fact that everyone is kinda okay with a high school teacher dating a student AT THE HIGH SCHOOL. I mean, I know Fitz is too good looking for prison, but I can’t believe they had the parents find out and just shrug their shoulders.

        (I obviously cannot suspend my disbelief.)

        It’s probably a good thing that you are watching episodes from the winter before starting the new season. I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON.

      • Oh, it’s in the pipeline…. I’m thinking maybe next week.

        I’m with ya. Like, I totally love that couple, so in that crazy ABC family unrealistic way I’m all, EZRIA FOREVER!

        I’m glad I’m catching up, then, because I was just going to throw caution to the wind and dive into the newest season.

  1. Feeling the love :). Thanks for coming and thanks for being me of the rotations on the “keep the toddler happy” ride!!


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