Wordless Wednesday: Last Day!

The school year is over!  Here’s how it ended:

Little Miss Vampire - "To remember me by," the artist told me.

Little Miss Vampire – “To remember me by,” the artist told me.

photo 3

A “zombie trap,” crafted out of a small bucket of a water and some leftover white yarn. “Zombies hate water, Sarah. Because they only love blood.”  DUR.

photo 4

A sign advertising “FREE BRAINS!” (sounded out phonetically, of course). This was an attempt to lure zombies to the trap.  Again: DUR.

photo 2

Some incredibly bizarre lyrical dictation this morning. Apparently, this child’s older sister learned this Civil War Freedom song from her music teacher. As you do.

photo 5

Some graffiti I found in the afternoon. We obviously all really kick ass.

Despite being by far the most insane day of the entire year, today was packed with off-the-charts adorable madness and I can feel my cloud of personal misery lifting.  Yay!  There’s hope for me yet!

Things I plan to do with my new weekday freedom and positive outlook: 1) finish my thesis research; 2) re-teach myself how to use statistical analysis computer programs; 3) buy, wash and pack everything I need for Ireland; 4) go see The Purge.  You know – only the very most important stuff.


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Last Day!

    • Wanna do it for me? 🙂 I don’t think I’m even using SPSS, because I don’t own it. I’m thinking maybe a free trial of a stats program I got in a textbook and never used.

      I’m that cheap/lazy.

  1. So, I’m a little sad that “attend my best friend’s graduation ceremony” was not on your list of important things to do 😦


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