Notable Quotables.

In order to celebrate today, the very last day of school, I’ve compiled a supremely abridged list of all the best things the children in our class said this year, with la piece de resistance at the bottom.  Our kids really are the absolute best and I am going to miss them terribly.  As much as we are all looking forward to the summer, I am so sad to see them graduate.

Love, love, love them.  Enjoy!


“Why did the hero flush the toilet?”

“Because it was his DUTY!”
“Ooooooh, you’re 26?!?  No way!  You’re older than my dad!  He’s 42!”
“Tadpoles are delicate, like princess skin.”
“Sarah, do NOT smell my throat.  It probably smells like vomit.”
“If I get stung by a bee, I’ll have to go to the fosfibal.”
“Sarah, what’s your favorite Dashboard Confessional album?”
“Have you ever seen ‘The Goonies’?”
“Wait.  You’ve heard of Michael Jackson???”
Child, Day 1: “You’re pretty!”
Child, Day 2: “You were pretty.  Yesterday.”
Child #1: “Sleeping all day is for babies.”
Child #2: “And teenagers.”
Child #1: “Does she still have her baby?”
Teacher: “Yes.  When you have a baby, you keep it forever.”
Child #2: “Well yeah.  Unless the baby dies.”
“Why did the chicken cross the road two times?”

“Sarah, I really like peanuts.  Not the peanuts on your body.  The peanuts you eat.”


4 thoughts on “Notable Quotables.

  1. Oh golly. These just MADE MY DAY!
    Moreso, put the biggest smile on my face. I have two older girls that graduated. One from college and one from HS. (Heading to college).
    Love these! Thanks for sharing!!


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