One Last Thing.

Many, many thanks to everyone who commented (and emailed!) about my last post.  I always appreciate the support.  I have exactly one more paragraph to say about it and then we shall never speak of it again:

As a young woman, I learned very early to ignore unwanted attention.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.  Look down.  Smile politely.  Walk faster.  And I desperately wanted to avoid avoid avoid that comment.  I didn’t want that to be my experience here and therefore, I didn’t want to acknowledge it.  I wanted to look down, smile politely, delete the comment, walk faster.  I didn’t want to engage.  However, I felt I had to.  I had to.  Because no one would say something that blatantly sexually offensive and subtly threatening to a man.  In fact, I can’t even think of a suitable equivalent for dudes because there isn’t one.  That kind of sexual aggression is reserved for women only.  I have no control over how a smarmy cashier speaks to me or what some asshole in a passing car decides to yell out a window, but I can control what I feel comfortable allowing in the personal space I moderate here.  And so today I drew a new line.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as it takes: we can be friends, unless you’re sexist or homophobic or racist or otherwise entirely offensive.  Then I get to say no thanks.

Okay.  Done.  No more.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to regularly rescheduled nonsense.  Until then, please enjoy this:




2 thoughts on “One Last Thing.

  1. Have you read The Giving Tree? It’s a great book for children and it’s main character is a tree. Great post!

  2. Learned that lesson with my Facebook too! I had a “friend” that would constantly post ignorant stuff. I kept finding myself getting angry and then thought, “duh, delete.” There’s something quite cathartic about snuffing out one little negative blimp on your life radar!


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