Seven Questions.

Last night, my husband wanted to “hang out” with me.  He wanted us to spend some time pretending like we’re not actually the old, boring, routine married people we’ve become.  He demanded that we ask each other thought provoking questions.

These are but a few:

1) If you were a leprechaun, what would your name be?

2) Would you rather fight a shark or a T-rex? (Answer: depends on the location of the fight, obviously.  I’d want to fight a shark on land or a T-rex in the ocean.)

3) Vomiting or diarrhea?  (Corollary: How would you manage both at the same time?)

4) Would you rather have no hair anywhere or tons of hair everywhere?

5) Would you eat a live snail, shell and all, for one million dollars?

6) If you were trapped on a deserted island with someone you found totally revolting, do you think you’d eventually sleep with them, out of sheer desperation?

7) What do you think is your most annoying quality?

So, basically, we had some pretty deep talks.


My husband making me nearly vomit and shit myself with laughter.


5 thoughts on “Seven Questions.

  1. I always feel the need to answer questions (whether asked directly to me or not) so here goes 🙂
    1. Stumpy O’Blaze
    2. T-Rex: have you seen those little arms?
    3. I was 7 months pregnant and had to scream for my partner for a bucket as I was unable to haul myself onto the toilet. You can only guess what I had to use the bucket for. For shame.
    4. No hair. More aerodynamic that way and would save on shampoo.
    5. No. Not an animal eater and wouldn’t change by beliefs for any amount of money.
    6. Yes as after a long period of time I doubt that I would still be as attractive or smell as pretty
    7. Feeling the need to tell people pointless information about myself that they probably didn’t need or want to know.

    Mission completed 🙂


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