Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight.

A few days ago, I confessed that I don’t have favorites, but that might have been a little bit of an exaggeration.  I have some favorites, and they include Before Sunrise

062b25d85be5235d6cc086fe8f9062cf before_sunrise__1995_-fanart

and Before Sunset:



These movies, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, focus on the relationship between Jesse and Celine, two 23-year-old strangers who meet on a train to Vienna in Before Sunrise, which was released in 1995.  Then, nine years later in 2004, Before Sunset catches up with them, when they are both 32.  Before Midnight, which came out in theaters on Friday, finds them in 2013, at age 41.  And it is fantastic.  Beautiful, bittersweet, emotional, universal.  I’ve loved this series since I was in high school and I was nervous that a third movie wouldn’t live up to the beauty of the first two.

SONY-BDOS-01_Onesheet4.16.13_Layout 1


(I’ve been known to be wrong.  Occasionally.)

You should all watch these three movies immediately.  I am crying just thinking about them.  They are that good.


9 thoughts on “Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight.

  1. I tried, but I can’t click the like button. These movies look like the kind of movies that make me want to let a cat scratch at my retina rather than having to watch even a single minute. Please tell me that your husband didn’t watch these with you, and if he did, that it was before he’d gotten any and he had to just because, well because he wanted some. Lol.

  2. Oh man, I LOVE the first two and watched them back to back years ago…the ending of the second one was so beautiful and full of hope, it flabbergasted me! I must see this third one.

  3. Somehow I haven’t seen any of these…..
    I love Ethan Hawke so it looks like I will be making a NF Queue addition or two.


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