Thoughtless Thursday.

I have nothing to report. Nada. But I have a maniacal obsession with posting, so please enjoy these random photos. Let’s call this, “Thoughtless Thursday.”

A boy and his dog:


Faces of Baby Fiece:


This week, our classroom became a haunted mansion:


My commute this morning. Joy!


In other news, I just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and started Waiting to be Heard by Amanda Knox. Get ready for some more postcards from the Whiny Baby Book Club in the very near future!


10 thoughts on “Thoughtless Thursday.

    • I can’t stand getting stuck on trash pick-up days. I sneak to work through some fancy LA neighborhoods, and get trapped on small winding roads myself. It’s both dangerous and annoying – so much fun.

  1. Ok, first of all, seeing those photos of my daughter caused me to “let down” breastmilk which means my boobs are currently on fire as she is sleeping and not ready to eat, so thanks. And second of all, I am only just halfway through Wild and now you are two novels ahead of me! Stop it! Your making me feel like a lazy illiterate bum (who happens to be raising two daughters two years and under while attending online school to finish her bachelors). Lazy Bum I say!


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