Pinable Moment.

I am terrible at even the very basic computer skills, like knowing what an RSS feed is or how to use real photo editing software.  This is why I only joked in Bikini Body about putting my words of wisdom on a generic gorgeous background and pinning them to Pinterest, and why I didn’t actually do that.  Not because I didn’t want to, but simply because I didn’t know how to.  (I am more ashamed of admitting to that than I was to confess that I run out for terrible wine when I feel emotional distress.)

Today, however, inspired by a commenter who suggested that I really should go ahead and make an inspirational-quote image worthy of classroom walls, I discovered the Instaquote app, which does what any good smartphone application should; namely, it makes all this remarkable technology accessible for idiots like me so that we can finally realize our dreams of putting text over appropriately modern photos in order to immortalize the incredibly profound things we say.

Behold, the Bikini Body Pinterest Image:


Feel free to pin away, everyone!


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