Business As Usual.

Since being Freshly Pressed on Tuesday, I have become extremely intimidated by my own blog, almost entirely because I now have over 200 more followers than I had three days ago. It took me eight months to build up my first 100 followers – eight months in which I won people over slowly by posting stories about the children I teach or how aggravating I think Los Angeles is. This week, my audience has more than doubled and I feel like I haven’t really earned it, as the post that brought you all here centered on health and wellness, which isn’t necessarily a big focus of my daily posts. In addition, I am only occasionally inspirational. Most of time, I make fun of things.

After taking a few days to revel in (and be terrified by) my recent popularity, I’ve decided to just get back to business as usual. When I’m feeling pretty maudlin and weird, I’ll still wax poetic about death. When a five-year-old asks me something like, “What’s your favorite Dashboard Confessional album?”, I’ll tell you about it. And when a Facebook friend enrages me, I’ll write a post about it and hope I don’t enrage all of you (I’m going to test this out with my next post, which explores, yet again, how upsetting I find casually racist Facebook infographics).

Tomorrow, it’s back to the regularly scheduled programming! I hope you all stick around!


8 thoughts on “Business As Usual.

  1. Stay true to yourself! I followed you not only because I liked your post, but because I like your writing style. You seem like someone I can relate to, and I appreciate that. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Oi!
    For the record that is how the tattooed pierced youths who live across from my husband and I greeted me the other week. It caught my attention, so I’ve decided to use it. The fact that i am approaching thirty and dress in a fashion best described as “elderly school marm” just makes it that much better.

    I side with Tarrynn, many people get Freshly Pressed each week, however I don’t follow all of them. I liked your voice and your stories and the content of your blog. Ergo I followed it.

  3. Well, I think the attention is well-deserved! Even if your new followers aren’t getting what they expect at first, they’ll eventually fall in love with you and stalk your blog and start taking paparazzi pictures of you in LA.

  4. What’s funny to me is that I was recently FP’d (the same time you were) and I feel the same way! And, I also did a similar post about how I was just going to do my regularly scheduled programming now and complain about how I’m sleep deprived, and my kids drive me crazy. We’ll see who sticks around. I for one love your blog so far. 🙂


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