The Post In Which You Give Me Advice.

Dear everyone,

I’ve been toying with the idea of paying actual money to WordPress in order to customize this blog.  Last summer, when I started this experiment in self-obsession, I really liked how clean and clear and under control this “theme” looks, but now it bores me and makes me feel like I’m not fully expressing myself (despite the fact that I am, quite literally, expressing myself in words all over the place).

In addition, I also want to purchase a domain name, so I can get rid of “” and feel like a grown up (who blogs about cats and bad hair days).

Has anyone else customized with WordPress?  Or purchased a domain name through WordPress?  Have the upgrades been worth it?

I have a confession: when my mom worries about checking her email on vacation because she is still convinced it is linked solely to the desktop computer in her bedroom, I laugh cruelly in her face.  However, I am too stupid to know how to do much more on the internet than sign into things and hit “Publish,” so I need help.


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Cute, right?


11 thoughts on “The Post In Which You Give Me Advice.

  1. I think your site looks fine. Sure it’s a bit minimalist, but nothing wrong with that. I have many of the upgrades on multiply sites. Domain names, space and no ads, and custom CSS which is the real deal to customization. Do I think it worth it. Sure. At first I piece-mealed the upgrades. Got more space for audio, then no ads, then custom design, then domains. I did that on two blogs.

    The last blog I got I went whole hog and got the, I forget the package name…but it came with all options more space, domains, custom design and the use of all premium templates/ themes. And it even has on-line chat help. But it’s 300 bucks a year. Which ain’t cheap but when you consider all upgrades individually and a premium template or two..I’ll probably end up saving money. And remember you can try any of the upgrades for up to thirty days and if not for you…Wordpress will kick your money back.

    My only affiliation with WordPress is I blog here.

    So give it a shot. And if you need some help with something yell at me. Or not.

    Good luck and regards,


  2. We purchased our domain and hosting through and like them pretty ok. A lot of domain hosting companies make it super easy to install wordpress on your site and then the back-end looks just like your current one. We bought a professional theme that makes it SUPER easy to customize, but there are a lot of free ones too. I would be happy to help a bit with customizing it too (i’m not the best…but I am ok-ish with code) 🙂

    • Your blog and website are so great. I would love your input/help, especially if you know how to code. I am so curious about it. I just wouldn’t want to waste your time. This blog sees way less traffic than yours. 🙂

      • Happy to help! I would probably recommend not getting your site through wordpress and using something like or another domain purchasing/hosting site that allows you to install wordpress super easy and then we an go from there 🙂

  3. I’m in your same situation. There are a couple super frustrating things that I really want to fix, and I just can’t do it without modifying the template with a little php and/or javascript code and adding a couple of plugins. (If that makes me sound braggy, like I know stuff about coding, please know that I have no idea what I’m doing, I just know that I could figure it out if the site would give me the chance.)

    I imagine I will make the jump eventually out of pure annoyance. The address isn’t a huge deal to me yet.

    I’d say that if the design is your biggest complaint, see if you can’t find another template that can satisfy you while you decide exactly what features you need. It will buy you a little time, anyway. Obviously, there’s only one way to get rid of the address if that’s the real issue, and that way is to pay money.

    • If you know how to code, brag away! I think that is hugely impressive. I have no idea what I’m doing with that.

      I think I probably will buy the upgrade and the domain, because I want to feel like I can make more changes. Maybe it will inspire me to learn how the internet actually works.

  4. The way i understand it (because I’ve looked into this too) is that purchasing the package through is not really worth it if you want total control. You need to go through a hosting website, and then download the wordpress software from wordpress.ORG. It’s so confusing. But, I went through the hassle of paying someone to customize my blog design and when she went to implement it, she said, Ooops. Can’t do it because I only work with self hosted wordpress sites through wordpress.ORG. I didn’t even know was a thing at the time. I ultimately did not switch to (even though her design for my blog was to DIE for) because I was afraid of losing all of my internal followers. There are some articles written about all of this both on wordpress and on blogher if you want to do a little research. From what I understand, if you are on, there isn’t much you can do with your design. I bought the customization package myself for a few days, played around with it and still wasn’t happy with it. It still wasn’t what I wanted. So, I got a refund which was nice. Also, on you can’t put ads and stuff on your site if you’re wanting to go that route. After learning all of that, I just decided that I was going to keep mine the way it was. Hope that helps a little.

  5. I like my provider (
    Back in the day when WP and Movable Type started I had to manually configure things.. (upload files to folders, CMOD, the whole ordeal) now it’s relatively easy because all you ahve to do is click the button, input some info and wordpress is set..
    as far as customization.. a lot of themes let you customize some stuff.. there’s a few instances where if you want full control you’ll have to know PHP and CSS in order to be able to fully tweak it.. Id say invest in a theme like thesis (the one i currently run) or platform pro.. both give you a lot of flexibility.. if you need them let me know.. i have a copy somewhere


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