Teen Mom Ethnography: Felonies.

The last 24 hours have been crazytown.  I’m working on a post about all of it.  However, I am currently eating Sour Patch Kids like fiend and catching up on TV and wanted to tide you all over with this delicious Teen Mom nugget:

Jenelle finds an eviction notice on the front door of her rental house.  She’s being evicted for not paying rent, which is totes unfair.  I mean, it was just one month.  On the heels of her terrible discovery, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, comes to visit, and remarks that maybe having a homeless criminal for a boyfriend is dragging Jenelle down.  After having his maturity and capacity for responsibility questioned by Barbara, Jenelle’s boyfriend Kieffer, who has spent much of this season getting into physical altercations in front of courthouses and making money selling bongs, screams:

“Being a felon ain’t illegal!”

Which is really just the best.



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