Love Fest.

I hope you all didn’t miss me too much during my three-day hiatus.  One of my best friends in the world got married yesterday and beginning with her rehearsal on Friday afternoon, the entire weekend was a whirlwind.  I just got home from the final wedding event, a brunch up at their Malibu hilltop venue, and am now prepping to eat a bunch of chocolate, watch a bunch of shows, and lay down for the next 16 hours.  Aside from my own, obviously, I had never been in a wedding before, and I’m almost convinced that being in a bridal party is more exhausting than being the bride.  And my friend, dear Z, didn’t ask us to do anything for her other than minor detail management before the ceremony.  There were no insane parties to plan or vendors to coordinate with or late-night crafting sessions (at least not for me) and I am still totally spent.  I am also so completely thrilled for her and her new husband, who is incredible.

The wedding was gorgeous and my friend looked amazing.  On Friday, the weather was hazy and cool, but by Saturday, it was overcast, and as the day wore on, the fog from the ocean rolled up into the mountains, until we couldn’t see over the cliffs anymore.  This is touted as every bride’s worst nightmare – rain on your wedding day! – but it was actually incredibly beautiful.  There was mist curling around the trees and by the time the ceremony began, we were all literally inside a cloud.  As her maid of honor, I sat in the front row next to her mom, trying not to lose it.  It was so fabulous.  I am so happy for her.  The photographer who shot my wedding and who is responsible for offering me my first and only modeling gig was there with her crew, so I have no doubt the professional photos will be stunning.  However, here are some poorly cropped pictures I took over the weekend:

photo 1-1 photo 3.PNGphoto 2 photo 2-1 photo 1photo 5.PNGScariest part of the day?  Being responsible for getting the groom’s ring down the aisle.  And for holding onto the vows before the ceremony.  I had them both in my little clutch, which I luckily did not leave in a bathroom stall this time.

photo.PNG photo 4 photo 3

My husband couldn’t come with me last night because he left early Friday morning to chaperone his second wilderness adventure (for which the compression sack and mummy sleeping bag were purchased).  As luck would have it, the one weekend he really needed to be local was the one weekend he was out of state.  There was something a little sad and lonely about celebrating love and family and partnership without my partner, but I met so many fabulous people and had so many high school friends there that I didn’t have a lot of time to be a sadsack.

Much like his trip in October, my husband is so far out into the wild that he doesn’t have cell reception, which means that on top of his missing the wedding weekend and being gone all this work week, I can’t even call him.  I may be writing him nightly emails, even though I know he won’t get them for days.  This time, I wasn’t even excited by the prospect of having time to myself.  I missed him before he left.



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