Almost Famous.


The last two days have been the most impressive this little blog has ever seen – by far.  Below you’ll find graphic evidence of this.  You’ll notice that the page views per day have been conveniently cropped out, because while my average audience has quadrupled, the actual numbers are humiliating.  If my page views were SAT scores, my stats from three days ago would be “Student Who Wrote Name On Test Packet,” and my stats for today would be “Student Who Answered Three Questions.”  I hope my blog does a lot of volunteer work, because it is not getting into college on test scores alone.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 4.26.53 PMOne multiplied by five is still only five, after all.

However, that being said, I am incredibly grateful for and humbled by all the fabulous attention I’ve gotten in the past 48 hours from all of you.  I do this mostly in the hopes of entertaining myself, so it’s both exciting and shocking that I’ve started entertaining (more than three) other people too.

Thank you for sharing on Facebook, thank you for complimenting my comedic timing, thank you for enjoying the story of how I friend-zone’d my husband as much I do.  Thanks for the love, everyone!  I hope everyone sticks around!

I promise not to let this newfound glory go to my head.  As proof that I am not yet too cool for school, I offer this photo of what I looked like driving around town today (and for the record, I was not driving when I took this picture):


This is what happens when you run out of contacts and are too cheap to replace the prescription sunglasses your dog ate and yet are still expected to leave your house when the sun is out.

Stars: they’re just like us.


7 thoughts on “Almost Famous.

  1. My sad dead police officer post had a whole bunch because I think some police associations must have shared it. Anyway, it’s so high above the rest that when I look at my stats that day looks like a giant middle finger tell me yeah, fuck you don, this is as good as it’ll ever get! Lol. Oh, sorry, can I say that on this blog??


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