Wait a Second.

Myrtle, did I do an okay job obscuring her identity?  I drew and re-drew that mustache, like, a lot of times.  Then I gave up.

Myrtle, did I do an okay job obscuring her identity? I drew and re-drew that mustache, like, a lot of times. Then I gave up.

Saturday was the Fiece’s second birthday party, which was, as expected, the cutest.  The Fiece was in top form, guilting me into giving her fistfuls of M&Ms, promptly counting all of them and naming their colors, and then running around the house with her most favorite gift, a doctor’s bag full of tools, saying in a satisfied voice, “I have a diagnosis!”  (For real.  That happened.)


Things the Fiece has trouble saying:

1) Chips.  She says, “SHips.”

2) Chocolate.  “SHocolate.”

3) Sarah.  “Sawah.”

4) Green.  “Geen.”

Things the Fiece has no trouble saying:

1) “I have a diagnosis!”

Just so we’re clear.

Anyway.  Fertile Myrtle used some Pinterest ideas to spice up the party.  She entertained the toddlers with a fun project


and put cupcakes in glasses filled with chocolate, which is pretty much the way to my heart:


I was impressed with her use of Pinterest “pins” in real life, as when I was really into Pinterest, I spent all my time pinning shit and very little (read: zero) time actually doing any of the things.  (If you are interested in checking out some more things I haven’t done with my life, you may follow me here.)  She inspired me to log back in after weeks and weeks and start poking around in the internet bulletin board again.  I was about two minutes into culling through pins when I stumbled across this.  THIS, the most amazing “craft” I have ever seen in my entire life.  (I know I’m prone to exaggeration, but I mean it this time.  It is the best.)  The fact that someone had this idea and implemented it and posted it online, and then someone else liked it enough to share it with everyone she knows, is just too much.  I immediately left Pinterest and came here to tell all of you about it.

Thank you, Pinterest, for showing me that there are people more terrible at home improvement projects than I am.  Even I know that a stencil and spray paint do not a stone walkway make.


If you haven’t already, you should check out Pintester.  I am jealous every day of my life that I did not create that blog first.


2 thoughts on “Wait a Second.

  1. Um, those cupcake things are probably the best idea I’ve ever seen in my life. Why can’t I come up with this stuff? This is why I can’t use Pinterest.

  2. Thanks Sarah! Great job on the photos ;). I am so proud of those friggen cupcakes its embarrassing. I cannot cook or bake to save my life but I can pour stuff in a glass!


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