Easter Funday.

When you’re a mutt, like I am, and have ancestral ties all over the world, you sometimes have Easter brunch with your Jewish grandparents.


And if you have grandparents like I do, after brunch, while having a conversation with your grandfather about how photos of deep space make you feel insignificant, you’ll overhear your grandmother talking about sex scenes on HBO and how she “doesn’t mind when the people are attractive, but when they’re ugly – no way.”

This will make you want to write about your day on your blog, for those tens of people who read it.  Now, since you’re at your parents’ house, you’ll decide you want some pictures to illustrate the inspiration for the blog’s title.  So, you’ll demand access to old photo albums, where you’ll find this,

photo 3

My aunt is dressed up like a gypsy to tell fortunes at my carnival-themed third birthday party, where my mother’s cousins were jugglers and my mom did the face painting, and I don’t appreciate it AT ALL.  

which is excellent proof that you were once a very whiny baby;

and this (in your baby book),

photo 2-1

Which proves you were kind of an asshole most of the time.

Happy Easter!


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