Hairy Houdini.

This morning, Lucy the class hamster literally broke out of her cage. As in, we discovered her cage in pieces on the floor. I’m actually not extremely upset about it – she was working really hard at eating through a plastic tube yesterday, and while she ended up succeeding at just detaching the tube from the cage and therefore failed at her goal of chewing a massive hole in her prison, the end result is that she is free, roaming the school and probably gnawing on wires and pooping in kitchen shelves. Good on you, Hammy. I am impressed by your tenacity.

The loss of Lucy has already inspired memorial artwork. In this piece, she has escaped in search of her clear plastic exercise ball:


The kids were less upset at her disappearance and more excited to have a chance to use magnifying glasses and run through all the classrooms, digging through toy bins and moving shelves around. Chaos reigned. Children loved it.

Most recent discussion of Lucy:
Child: “I hope she doesn’t get squashed!”

Me: “Me too. That would be terrible.”

Child: “Yeah. But if she does get squashed, can we get a dog?”


12 thoughts on “Hairy Houdini.

    • Do not get any habitat extension tubes. I was so desperate for Lucy to get some extra space that I invested in some ridiculous flying-saucer/tunnel attachment. She ended up using her extremely advanced knowledge of physics and architecture to snap the tube extension off of the main cage (I’m assuming by throwing her weight around like a maniac), and then she escaped through the opening. She was super cute and cuddly and fun to watch. Just wily. Very, very wily.

      What’s the hamster’s name?

      • Cloudy is an adorable hamster name. She must be gray. Or white. Or cloud shaped?

        I have a theory that Lucy went nuts. I wouldn’t worry about the tubes unless the hamster starts acting like a lunatic, and starts digging at the plastic and barricading herself into tubes with food and bedding.

      • The girl is responsible for that. She was hoping for a snow white hamster and was thinking that she wanted to name it something weather related.

        Cloudy just wants to bury itself all day and sleep.


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