School of Thrones.

When I was in college, I wrote for (and eventually edited) a campus comedy paper that existed for a grand total of two years.  (It was a major success.)  The experience was absolutely amazing and hilarious and I met a lot of incredibly talented people, including the guy who eventually became my husband  After graduation, most of the writers became teachers or went to grad school or moved to New York to work at real jobs in graphic design or spent five years wandering around Los Angeles searching for purpose (hint: that would be me).

Just this week, one of us released a Games of Thrones fan fiction web series that is blowing up.  I’ve been hearing a lot about it via Facebook, as said writer friend and I still occasionally exchange “likes,” but late last night, I came across it posted on one of my favorite news sites and was so excited.  I had absolutely nothing to do with this, but I am so shameless, I am taking credit – for knowing one of the writers six years ago.

Congratulations, friend!  I am so proud.


10 thoughts on “School of Thrones.

  1. Lol, before your last sentence I was totally thinking, “look at this woman, shamelessly taking credit for knowing somebody 6 years ago who’s doing something productive that she had no part in!” 😉

    • Would you expect anything less? In all seriousness, I’m always really impressed with people who make things happen and I wanted to broaden the audience – by the two people who read this regularly.

      • Make it one for now, I don’t watch videos at work…it’s my ONE rule. Lol. It is really cool though, and cool that you wrote in college with this guy. He has 15 minutes of fame (maybe more) and you have a husband. Sounds fair.

      • Exactly. It was about time he caught up to my incredibly unique accomplishment of getting married. 🙂 From an obnoxious academic perspective, I love that he had an idea and the Internet helped launch it all over the world. We live in a fascinating time.

  2. It is fascinating! Look at us, two strangers having a conversation for no particularly good reason other than to kill time at work on this end and I guess just being nice on yours! Lol.

    • Non sequitur: I’ve been jealous of people with access to computers at their jobs for my entire adult life. I’ve been an archaeologist, an environmental monitor and a teacher, and never once was able to professionally answer phone calls or have a stack of business cards on my desk. I want an office chair and a nameplate. Can I have your job please?

      • I’m a police officer/attorney. I get get told by folks who don’t know that I’m an attorney that the only form of life lower than a police officer is an attorney, and by people who think I’m an attorney but don’t know I’m also an officer that the only thing more dishonest and useless as an attorney is a police officer. It’s an all day hate-o-rama over here!

        So yes, you’re welcome to it.

    • Oh, credit has been taken. I have watched both seasons of Game of Thrones and I still didn’t fully understand the plot in this short, mostly because I’m dumb. However, the production value was crazy and I’m proud of how viral the video is. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂


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