Quiz Master: Motherload.

Tuesday Test Question:

Sarah has a kitchen cabinet full of earth-friendly household cleaners. She knows how to use them (begrudgingly). Why, then, did she frantically scrub her bathroom sink with a Cottonelle wet wipe at 8:15 pm on a Tuesday night?

a) the bathroom was a disgusting mess

b) her mother called from ten minutes away and said she was stopping by

c) Sarah, despite being a pig, is still capable of feeling shame

d) all of the above

The answer is, of course, D. And she didn’t even use the bathroom.

(I love you, Mom. I’m truly very happy we are so close that you can come by on the fly. Thank you for not judging.)


My beautiful mommy.





2 thoughts on “Quiz Master: Motherload.

  1. It’s easier to accidentally spray earth friendly cleaner in her eyes as she enters the house so she can’t see the bathroom. Of course, I guess that would only increase your shame, unless you have no soul.


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