Did you guys hear that Josh and Anna Duggar, of fertile Duggar fame, are expecting their third child?

I am not above admitting that I’ve watched some hours of this family’s TLC show and that I may have watched the episode in which Anna gives birth to one of the first two.  I am familiar with this family and I have some personal feelings about what it must be like for a woman to be pregnant for the majority of her adult life.  However, I’m aware I am able to have those feelings because we live in a time when I can choose to use birth control to plan when we’ll have our first child, and while the thought of being pregnant for a cumulative twenty years does not appeal to me, I probably shouldn’t use my personal values to pass judgment on Michelle Duggar.  To each uterus her own, I say.  I have nothing negative to say about them (aside from very casually pointing out that it seems like the older kids kinda raise the younger ones, which is a little sad).

So, I harbor no ill will.  Which is important, given what I’m about to say.  Let’s study this promo photo, shall we?


At first glance, I impressed by the blue/gray color palette, how adorable their kids are, and Anna’s new hair.  However, upon further inspection, I realized that they took this cute family portrait on what appears to be either the creepy front porch of a haunted plantation manor or the house where Boo Radley lived.  Have we really gone so far into the shabby-chic, faux-rustic rabbit hole that people are abandoning rusted out cars and old wagon wheels and train tracks and are now just using dilapidated shacks as photo props?

If so, I have some suggestions for your next professional family photo shoot:




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In investigating terrifying places (i.e. doing super in-depth research like typing “scary places” into Google), I discovered that simply Googling “scary dairy” leads you directly to the one place on Earth that used to make me want to crap my pants.  As an adult.  I was going to suggest doing family photos there, before I remembered that access was restricted last year and the dairy might not even exist anymore.

It’s too bad, really.  It had so much character.


6 thoughts on “Boo.

    • I agree. I’m more skeeved out by the Quiverfull movement in general than I am by them personally, but I do feel bad for the kids. How do you feel individually loved when your parents are famous for wanting as many children as physically possible?

  1. I must agree with katywins, the Duggars aren’t really parents, just multipliers and the older kids ARE raising the younger. It’s less of a family and more of a cult. To each their own, sure. 🙂

  2. I didn’t even notice the peeling paint until you said it. Ha! And then I read and scrolled down further and laughed out loud. You are amazing in ways I can’t even explain. Just know that you make me laugh when I want to cry ❤ and I thank you


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