Interview With A Four-Year-Old:

Child: “Sarah, look at my Belly Bank!”


Me: “That’s an awesome T-Rex!”

Child: “This is not a T-Rex. It’s an Allosaurus.”

Me: “Oh, really? How do you know?”

Child: “Well, you see, an Allosaurus has three fingers and three toes. This is an Allosaurus.”

Touché, child. Touché.


3 thoughts on “Schooled.

  1. I miss being able to placate my 9 year old by feeding her whatever BS popped into my head. Now I have to think or even Google before I answer her questions. She’s even taken to asking me questions that she knows the answers to in order to see what I say! That’s not fair!! I want to be daddy, the smartest guy in the world still!!

    • I have been owned so many times by little kids. I am now completely unfazed by being corrected during lessons by the children I am supposed to be teaching. I get no respect.

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