Side Effects.

This afternoon, I had a fleeting moment of spontaneity and decided on a whim to see a movie with a coworker after school.  (I know – I am soooooo crazy.  Where do I get the energy???)  We settled on Side Effects, the pharmaceutical thriller (a genre that, with the release of this movie, now actually exists) about a woman on anti-depressants who finds herself in hot water.  I will not spoil the movie for you, but suffice to say that it is full of unexpected turns and does not leave the viewer disappointed.  It was both entertaining and horrifying, which is about all I ask from the movies I see.  However, the most impressive thing about it was how incredibly good looking Jude Law is.  As if that is a huge surprise.

Back in November, Mr. Law did an interview with the New York Times that they titled, “Who Are You Calling Pretty Boy,” in which he discusses the benefits of aging out of being a “sex symbol.”  (Hysterical article about our “crumbling Time-Prince” here.)  Having seen his latest theatrical venture, I can safely say: you are a fantasically huge liar, Jude Law.  The NY Times might as well have written about how the sky is green or how it’s a great idea to keep chimpanzees as house pets.  You can’t take one bad picture and call yourself an aged monster.  (Much like I cannot take one good picture of myself from my one good angle and call myself Gisele.)


One terrible face does not a hideous beast make. (Also, I took this photo from the NY Times article. Just for the record.)

You will always and forever be this and I refuse to feel bad for you:


Refuse. To. Pity. You.

Incidentally, Vinessa Shaw, of Hocus Pocus fame, is in the movie too, in case nostalgia is a bigger draw for you than gorgeous, ageless movie stars are.  That, or if your ideal type of gorgeous, ageless movie star is female.

I’d recommend this movie to people who enjoy thrillers, dramas, dead people, drugs, depressives, awesome tailoring, great suits, psychiatrists, New York City, boats, apartments-that-look-like-offices, stepchildren, courtrooms, Channing-Tatum-in-fedoras, and ombre hair.  What’s not to love?


11 thoughts on “Side Effects.

    • I had actually never see him act before last night, but had heard he isn’t super great. I was expecting a mess – surprisingly, he didn’t seem out of his league. Perhaps he Step(ped) Up his game? 🙂 (He was in Step Up, right???)

      However, he was never shirtless. It’s a give and take, I suppose.

      • Stepped Up, ha! I’ll give him credit because I think he pokes fun at his own lack of skill. I had wanted to see Side Effects, but I think I’ll wait ’til it’s on TV or I can download it illegally.

      • I’d say that’s wise. It was a good movie, but we saw it mostly because traffic made us miss “Django Unchained.” It’s definitely not something that demands a huge screen.

        Having said that: Jude Law.

      • Django Unchained–a warning–there are songs in there that will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life. See that movie with caution.


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