Mood Swings and Lunacy. Pimples on Chest.

Today, in trolling my own WordPress Dashboard, I discovered that my teenage (and sometimes current) chest acne has been a huge source of traffic for me.  (If I’m honest, it has been pretty much the only source of traffic for me.  I should shut up about everything else and just talk about my acne scars for the rest of time.)  I am in love with this information.  And am also in tears, because I find it hysterically funny and an absolutely perfect summation of my entire life.  The following list makes me feel like I am doing something right.

And now, a small retrospective on search terms that have led people to this blog:

Picture 7Picture 8

Please note that this is not at all meant to disparage anyone who stumbles across this blog when trying to find more information on “pinocchio donkeys” or “ahrrrrr.”  In fact, it makes me feel less alone and like Google really understands me.  These search terms are the story of my life.  Thanks, guys.  I hope you all come back.



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