I’ve spent the last ten minutes googling “Michelle Williams” to find some images of her awesome hair because friend of mine at work is floating the idea of pixie cut and I sometimes like to sit at home by myself and picture my coworkers with different hairstyles.  (It’s a thing I do.  Leave me alone.)


I am nervous for my friend because three years ago, a mere five days after my wedding, I fell victim to a pixie – I cut off all my long, beautiful hair and went from pretty, pretty princess


to Peter Pan:


I may have even cried hysterically when I got home from the salon, throwing myself face-down on my bed and dry heaving, not unlike Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, except I got to keep all my teeth.  (Where’s my Oscar, guys?)  I was devastated because I’d forgotten that while I am a member of the same species as Michelle Williams, I do not have her delicate, gorgeous face (this only makes me sad occasionally).  So, instead of looking like an ethereal transplant from Planet Iconic Beauty, I looked like a five-year-old boy for six months, including when we went on our honeymoon to Scotland:


There I am, standing at an arrow slit in a Scottish castle, looking wistfully out on the incredible landscape, too mortified to show my face.


It is also pretty windy in Scotland.


Winds. Everywhere.

It was not good.  At all.  Which leads me to,

The Only Times I’d Recommend “Trying Out” A Drastic Cut Like This:

1) when you are a beautiful celebrity and/or

2) you are being paid millions of dollars to shear your hair off on camera as part of a career-defining role in the movie adaptation of a hugely popular Broadway musical.  (Basically, not “next Wednesday, because you’re feeling a little bored,” because you’ll spend the next year feeling “a lot horrified.”)


10 thoughts on “Pixie.

  1. It works on you bc you are clearly thin. It really works on Halle Berry. Oh, and did you catch Michelle Williams on Letterman last night (or was it Tues)? He was fawning all over her short hair and her portrayal of Marilyn. I thought he might slaughter a fatted calf at her altar.

    • I did see the Letterman interview and I am not at all surprised he was full of compliments. I think that’s his shtick with pretty young actresses. He pretty much does that with them all.

      Also, Halle Berry is the goddess of the crop. Essentially, if you’re not Halle, Michelle or Anne Hathaway, and/or do not employ a full-time make up artist, you will look like a male child all the time.

  2. I cut off all my hair the last year of high school. When I say I cut off my hair. I literally cut off my hair, no saloon. Just me in the bathroom with scissors.

    I don’t regret it, because that feeling of sticking my finger up at “the man” and the feeling of complete freedom was amazing (I did it pre-britney BTW, so I understood why she did it)

    I however, have fairly wide shoulders and was called sir a bunch of times. I now have hair down to my back, but it’s all one length and always in a pony

    • I totally agree. I hated it for a long time, but ultimately, I’m happy I did it. I spent way less time on my appearance and that was healthy. Plus, once it started growing out, I really loved it. A longer pixie/shorter bob, with more options, is universally flattering, I think.

      I can’t believe you had the courage to do it yourself! That’s amazing.

  3. Oh goodness, you poor thing! At least you have straightish hair. If my hair was that short… It would be curly ques. Stifle the, “how adorable!” you’re dying to type–it’s not. It’s horrifying.

    • When it was that short, my hair was mercifully straightish. However, it was still pretty coarse and the cut was less “stylish modern woman” and more “third grade boy going back to school,” so that was really rough.

      I know you told me to stifle this, but I actually do think short curly hair is adorable. I just can’t ever get my own hair to do the things I like. 🙂

      • No no NO! It’s all fun and games when you don’t look like Shirley Temple everyday, but believe me, when you deal with this Medusa head on a daily basis… You’ll be singing a different tune.

        It’s not awful, but.. Some days, man, I just want to give it up and get a wig.

  4. You actually look cute with it. But I totally understand your feelings, I also made that stupid mistake and felt like a boy for months. Although I also bleached it (so my dark brown became awkward canary – I dyed it pink, but the pink washed out really quickly and the canary yellow would never accept other dye, no matter how dark!). My “favorite” was that it sort of grew back in as a mullet and I would have to get just the back cut until I finally started looking like a girl again.

    But… maybe your coworker needs to learn this lesson?

    • I had the same problem – I had several back-of-my-head trims before it all started evening out. I’m impressed you tried pink! The pixie is the most extreme thing I’ve ever done with my hair and for that, it was still mousy brown.

      My friend wants to get the cut and dye it the same color as Michelle Williams and oddly, despite this entire post about what a bad idea it was for me, I think that could really work for her.


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