The Great and The Terrible.

Things that are great:

1) I was informed today that the guy who hit my car last month actually is insured, and despite his telling his insurance company that I rear ended him, the damage to my car and the photos I took at the scene proved I was not at fault. $250 deductible refund is in the mail. Yipee!

2) This shirt:


Do I dare wear it when celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday at school next week? A child told me to “chill” today, so I’m thinking it would be appreciated.

3) We are on day two of the dog staying outside while we are at work and sleeping in a crate at night and it has been going astonishingly well. She’s not very pleased, but she’s doing great. Animal who is even less pleased: Abe, our indoor/outdoor cat, who spent all of last night yowling and banging his cranium against the now-solid-glass back window where the cat door once was, mourning the end of his carefree nighttime neighborhood troublemaking. (Side bar: it was either remove the cat door insert or risk coming home after work to find the dog trapped halfway through it. Before she went on her sabbatical to the desert, she was a pro at leaping from a sitting position on the ground up through the tiny cat door flap and back into the house. She could have joined the circus, if she liked crowds or other animals or new places. Post desert vaca, she is hugely fat and would absolutely get stuck. [Side side bar: I can’t believe how much weight she gained. I ran laps with her around our back yard this afternoon and she got winded before I did. And I am made of vanilla ice cream and Diet Coke. We are officially people who have a dog on a diet. What is my life?]. When I alluded the other day to how all-consuming and stressful the dog’s homecoming would be, this is the kind of thing I was thinking about. Hello, my name is Sarah and I am concerned my dog will wedge herself in a five-foot-high cat flap on purpose.)

4) Fertile Myrtle wrote a post detailing all the gross and personal things that are happening to her in her third trimester. It includes words such as “back door,” “maxi pad,” and “discharge,” so click over only if you are also a curious gross person (and chances are, if you’re following me, you totally are).


3 thoughts on “The Great and The Terrible.

  1. Thanks for the Plug, Imanut! And I would TOTALLY wear that shirt. PS, the Fiece says ‘how dare you!” No, really, she did. We watched the Lorax twice today. 🙂


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