Guest Post?

Recently, I had a huge revelation (and by “revelation,” I mean “an idea I stole from some fabulous blogs I follow”). I want to make this blog a little less about me and a little more about you. No one is more surprised by this development than I am, considering I basically live for social media attention. However, I’m really (genuinely) excited about the prospect of connecting with more people and offering you all some space to tell some weird stories or give awesome advice or pose interesting questions or solve world hunger. Anything you want. Unless I think it’s upsetting or racist or homophobic. Then I rescind all offers. (Point here: don’t be an upsetting racist homophobe, and we can be besties.)

So, if you’ve got something fun to say and want some new people to say it to, please leave your suggestions in the comments or email me at In the immortal words of Harlan Pepper, send them over faster than a walnut could roll off a henhouse roof. I can’t wait!


(Christopher) Guest Post.

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

(My new email signature.)



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