Animal House.

Having the dog back has, thus far, been remarkably awesome (full disclosure: I’m writing this before we’ve had her sleep in her crate in another room and before we’ve left her outside during the work day, so way to count your chickens before they hatch, Sarah).  My husband just put her in the crate and we are both pretending it’s not happening.  My husband is the kind of man who held the dog on his lap during dinner parties when she was afraid, so this is painful.  However, it is also necessary and probably really healthy for everyone involved.

The current animal count here is four: two cats, the dog and our class pet hamster, who comes home with me over the weekends so that she can roll around in her plastic exercise ball on the hardwood and makes the cats insane.  I suppose I am simply fulfilling my destiny – at one point in my childhood, my family had three guinea pigs, two dogs, a bearded dragon and four tadpoles, and at other times: a rabbit, four rats, a cat, tens of fish and a turtle.  Oh my God, you guys.  I am my mother.

photo 1

Biggest win of the day? Getting the dog to sit perfectly still for five minutes as I used The Furminator to brush her out. This giant pile of hair that will not make it to the floor of my house or the sleeves of my sweaters was my reward. I plan on getting very comfortable with the Furmy.

photo 2

The dog has mixed feelings about The Furminator.

The dog met the hamster.

The dog met the hamster.

photo 4

The hamster tried to get the hell of out Dodge.  (That huge tower of clothing behind Hammy is all the stuff I cleaned out of my closet/bedroom/car/various bags this weekend and am planning on donating.  I’m so proud.)

photo 2-1

Abe clung to me in horror when he realized the dog was back for reals.

photo 5

Huck was adorable and unfazed. Surprise.


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