Great (Aunts).

I lied.  I am not going to discuss The Dog Situation today because I am currently pretending that it doesn’t exist.  As far as I’m concerned, I don’t even know what dogs are.  Never heard of them.  Don’t want to hear about them.  (Maybe I’ll be in the mood to break down what this new development means for my life and sanity later this week.  Until then, please jam your head as deeply into the sand as mine is and let’s just not talk about it.)

Two orders of business:

1) I spent the evening at the great-aunts’ house, helping them take photos of all the crazy expensive Waterford crystal and impressive glassware they intend to sell now that their house is in escrow.  (The loss of Thanksgiving at my aunts’ house is yet another devastating blow I am ignoring and filing away in the box in my heart labeled “Too Much.”)  I’m happy for them, as managing the upkeep of an older (albeit fabulous) house was overwhelming, but I’m sad for the family, because that house is full of so many memories.  I can’t believe that by next month, another family will be living inside it.  I am a sentimental creature of habit – change is not easy for me.

The aunts and I staged beautiful crystal photos to send to appraisers and then drank an entire bottle of white wine, ordered delivery Italian, and talked politics.  It was glorious.  I tried not to be a sappy sadsack, but I ended up taking pictures of everything downstairs, just in case things get packed up before I go back over the weekend.  I now have a phone full of photos of couch cushions and bathroom vanities.  For posterity, you guys.

photo 3

As you can see, we are super fancy. Two Buck Chuck in cut-glass stemware.

2) Because I’m feeling equal parts emotional and wine-y (get it???), and because this is my 100th post (!), I wanted to send a quick “thank you” to all of you for following and commenting and making me feel like my craziness is entertaining to personalities living outside my own head.  I am really quite proud of myself for convincing you that I am worth reading.  There are times (like now) when I feel like a monkey with an iPhone could write these posts and be more articulate.  Thank you for bearing with me and liking it.

On this Valentine’s Eve, I send you all much love.



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