Under Pressure.

Last week, I discovered that I was a) granted access to the out-of-state records I need to write my thesis (I’m still waiting for LA to get back to me, but every step forward is cause for celebration), and b) accepted into my first-choice field school for this summer.  Aside from the accident that destroyed the front of my car, it was a week full of progress and positivity.  As pathetic as I know this sounds, it was really surprising and genuinely exciting to have a good week (just to reiterate: a “good week” these days includes getting my car demolished).

I think I tempted the fates by being so pleased with myself, because this week, I discovered the guy who hit me does not in fact have car  insurance, despite presenting insurance paperwork at the scene, which is lovely, and I developed a raging sinus infection.  I’ve never had one before and I am quickly learning that it is both a super painful and hugely annoying thing to experience.  The entire right side of my face is a throbbing, pressurized mess, with my maxillary sinus (obviously), eye socket, ear and upper molars all impacted.  On Monday night, after developing the pain/pressure during the day, I was so desperate I even tried the Neti Pot again.  (If you’ll recall, I swore just days ago that I would never do that again, because it is so disgusting.)  The Neti Pot was once again both horrifying and useless.

My face hurt so badly yesterday at work that I was nauseous, which speaks either to how uncomfortable this is or how low my pain tolerance is.  After being told I’d have to wait days to see my doctor, I broke down and went to a local urgent care, where I ushered into the exam rooms by a cute young male nurse, who weighed me and asked about my last menstrual cycle.  You know how I’ve been all glib and cool about “strangers” knowing all the upsetting details of my bodily reality?  I’ve been so modern and evolved about it, right?  Everyone (who doesn’t know me personally) can know everything!  Well, apparently, I draw the line at “cute young male nurses,” because I was definitely not pleased to be discussing the start date of my last period with that dude yesterday. At all.  (It was January 29th, for all the good-looking, inquiring minds out there.  I’m normalizing!) I now know that if the audience is my age and a man and sitting right across from me taking notes, I do not want to share my secrets.  Please pretend my body is made of candy on the inside and that I still weigh 120 pounds.  Thanks.

I hope this picture is as upsetting for the internet as this week has already been for me.

I hope this picture is as upsetting for the internet as this week has already been for me.

My sinus infection is responding to approximately zero pain medication, so my only hope is to wait a few more days for the antibiotics and nasal steroids and anti-inflammatory prescriptions I’m all stocked up on to start working their (hopefully swift) modern medicine magic.

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here, ignoring the car insurance nightmare I should be handling and pressing my fist into my face like a total nutcase.


5 thoughts on “Under Pressure.

  1. Yay for getting access to the records and for getting into your first choice program! Yay for your cycle “normalizing!”

    Boo for the guy not having insurance and boo for the sinus infection! If you’re really hurting, I would recommend seeing a chiropractor for it (if you can) – they can work on sinuses. It will hurt like whoa for about 30 seconds (while the doc is physically touching it) but then it will feel soooo amazing! (at least that’s my experience with general sinus pressure and my chiropractor) I’m not saying that you shouldn’t also do the antibiotics – but this might make you feel better while you wait for those to kick in. Good luck! Feel better soon! And major good luck with the insurance issue!!!

    • I would never have thought of consulting a chiropractor for a sinus infection, but that is genius! I didn’t have time to see one this week and the antibiotics have really kicked in, but the next time I have this issue, I am definitely exploring that. In fact, I should probably go to a chiropractor for the first time soon anyway, because I’m really curious.

      Thanks for the well wishes! I will always, always, always accept luck. I need it. 🙂


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