There are many reasons why I love my husband, but at the moment, the reason I love him the most is that he puts up with me.  And sometimes, I’m a lot.  Case in point:

I’ve recently started yelling, “Ka-kaw!” at people when I throw things in their general area, which, believe it or not, is actually an action I do quite a lot.  I throw things at people at work, at my parents’ house, at my house.  So, there have been many opportunities of late for me to scream, “Ka-kaw!” at unsuspecting strangers/family members/coworkers the same way one might call out, “Incoming!” or “Catch!” – except my new catchphrase came from thin air and makes no sense to anyone but me.  I, however, find it hilarious and am secure enough in my personal insanity that I don’t care that I’m the only one laughing at the obnoxious thing I just did.  (I came to terms a long time ago with my bizarre sense of humor, when I tried in vain to explain to people why I find funny gloves so hysterical.  The Grinch’s fingers get me every time.)

How are you not in hysterics right now?

How are you not in hysterics right now?

Just now, I decided (a little late) to do my good deed for the day, hoping to offset whatever negativity might have sent that truck my way this morning.  I ventured out into the frosty living room and grabbed a blanket my husband really wanted.  And, because none of (the recipients of) my good deeds go unpunished, I threw the blanket at him as he lay in bed and yelled, “Ka-kaw!” at him like a nutcase.

He said, very politely, “Thank you,” despite the fact that I’d just woken him up by lobbing a folded blanket brick at his face.

To which I responded, “Oh, don’t thank me.  Thank the eagle spirit who just gave that to you.”

And he did.  He said, “Thank you, eagle spirit.”

And I will love him for the rest of my life.


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