Valentine’s Wreath!

The other night, I ventured out to my local Michael’s craft store and bought some supplies for my first Valentine’s Day decor project.  After doing some recon at the store, I realized I could only scrounge up enough cute material for one of my ideas – the yarn-wrapped wreath (I drew inspiration from wreaths like this).  My lack of options was initially disappointing, but eventually I concluded it was for the best, as it means I can go craft store hopping over the weekend.  That’s very exciting.

When I cooked up my Valentine’s Day dreams, I decided in advance that I wanted the pieces to be subtle (read: not strictly red, white, pink and purple and covered in hearts), so I chose colors that, in retrospect, make this thing look like it could hang up in our house all year long (which, if I’m honest, is actually pretty spectacular, because it means I don’t have to make too many more of these.  This is great news because while I am crafty, I am also lazy).

It ended up being 8:30 pm by the time I was able to squeeze this in and for the sake of expediency, I used my cell phone’s camera, so I’m sorry both the lighting and the quality of most of these photos are so terrible.  They definitely aren’t up to Pinterest standards (but I am totally pinning this anyway.  I am a shameless self-promoter).

Let’s begin:

 1: Gather together a skein of yarn, a styrofoam wreath ring, a few sheets of felt (I ended up using three), a glue gun, fabric scissors and some (optional) assorted do-dads, like those pink fabric flowers I was forced to buy in desperation when I couldn’t find an appropriate pink felt.

Plug in your glue gun.  This is important.  For eventual gluing.

photo 2-1


 2: I began by making a large felt flower that I envisioned sitting between the two pink ones I bought.  After looking up some felt flower tutorials online and reading them through Valentine’s-rose-colored glasses, I chose to make a flower with heart-shaped petals.  If you are feeling brave or particularly artistic, you can cut the felt into hearts freehand.  However, if you are feeling like me, you can use a pen to draw subtle heart shapes on a piece of paper for five minutes before landing on one that looks (literally) halfway decent, only to then have to fold it in half to cut its other side into the same shape as the side you liked.  Then, use your paper heart as a guide to cut out several heart-petals.  I cut out nine and ended up only using eight.  You may use your discretion.

The ends of the petals can be blunt, as the next step is to cut up the middle of the petals about 1/4 inch, so that they look like little molars with stubby roots.  (Does anyone else see that?  Or am I just super gross?)

While you’re still busy cutting felt, cut out a square of indeterminate size.  I know.  That’s really helpful.  I didn’t measure mine – I just ended up trimming almost all of it away when I finished the flower.  The purpose of this square is to act as a base for the gluing of your petals, so a good measure is to place a ring of five petals (or however many you plan on using for the outermost, largest ring) onto your spare felt and then cut out a square large enough to accommodate them all.

photo 3-1


 3: Next, take up one of your little petals and cross the right side of the bottom cut over the left side.  Use your glue gun to glue the right side on top of the left side, so that your felt petal curls up like a flower petal, like so:

photo 4


 4: Now, you can start gluing the petals to the felt square base.  I started at a far corner of the base and glued down only the pointed tips of the petals, making sure to place the tips close enough at the base to create a slight overlap in the petals as they fanned out.  I used five petals for the first ring and then placed three more petals in a second ring inside the first:

photo 5


 5: I ended up with a ton of extra felt at the base, which I then very unceremoniously hacked away at with my scissors until it couldn’t be seen peeking out from under the flower.  I rolled a small piece of extra felt into a stamen (sexy!) and glued it into the center of the flower to fill in the empty space.  I’ve seen other, more thoughtful people use gorgeous buttons to combat this empty-hole problem.  I, however, did not have the forethought to buy one and I am not a woman of patience.  Thus, I improvised with a tiny cinnamon-roll of white felt.  I’m a fan.



6: Next, I tore open the yarn packaging, used the glue gun to secure the free end of the yarn to the styrofoam wreath and then spent the next 75 minutes wrapping the yarn around the styrofoam form.  At first, I wrapped pretty meticulously, making sure that each successive length of yarn lined up precisely with the wrap before, but by the end, I was a wrapping maniac, really only making sure the wraps never overlapped, before I would then push all the wraps down the wreath to line up together in a beautiful, thick yarn coating.  (I’ve just typed “yarn” so many times, I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense.  Please provide feedback.)

When all the green styrofoam was covered, I cut off the yarn, glued down the free end (on the same side of the wreath as I’d glued the first end, for consistency) and then placed and glued my large felt flower and the two pink fabric ones.

7: Almost immediately after “completing” the project, I decided it was too boring, so I cut out (freehand!) two wavy cloud shapes:

photo 3-2


 8: Then, I pinched them together at the ends and glued them, thus leaving me with two vaguely leaf-shaped pieces of felt:

photo 4-2


9: I slapped those underneath the pink flowers and voila!

photo 1-1


Super cute, no?!?  It took forever, but was worth it.  Unfortunately, because I can never be satisfied, I still thought it needed more pizzazz.  10: I found a font I liked on Microsoft Word, blew up the first initial of our last name to font size 500 and literally traced it from the laptop screen onto a piece of paper, which I then cut out and pinned to some leftover felt before cutting that out and gluing it to the wreath:

photo 2-2

10. Done!

I think it’s more balanced now and I adore it.  This may be a crafting win and no one is more shocked by that than I am.


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