I’m about to be a bit of a downer, so I’ll apologize in advance.  I had a post planned for today and I’ll get to that later, but right now, I must get this out.

Just now, I innocently checked Facebook and was immediately punched in the guts by this video, posted by my brother:

This is a video of my great-grandmother Edna, recorded by my mom’s cousins in 2000.  Edna was my mother’s grandma, and absolutely one of the most hilarious, kind and fascinating people I have ever known.  She died at age 96 on December 1, 2009 – meaning, I had my incredible great-grandmother in my life until I was 23.  Spending two decades with Edna was an amazing blessing (and I do not throw that word around) and she is, to this day, someone I miss desperately.

And this afternoon, just hearing her voice and listening to her crack jokes and watching her live stirred up in me an actual, visceral grief.  It’s been twenty minutes and I’m still in tears.

Edna is the reason I have such an outrageously fabulous family.  She was the matriarch of our loud, hysterical, impossibly close band of misfits, and she taught us everything we know.  I am so grateful to her and so lucky to have known her.

And I miss her so much it actually hurts.



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