After rediscovering online morphing software yesterday in order to cross my face with that of a hominid, I spent an embarrassingly long time uploading, preparing and morphing photos of myself and my husband until I got a pixelated imaginary baby of appropriate cuteness.  Because that’s all that babies are good for.  Being cute.

The first one:

Picture 8


This was followed by one (or several) other attempts that had upsetting kidney-bean-shaped heads and distressingly furrowed brows.

I finally settled on the following, which has led me to believe that our children will look like world weary old men until approximately age three, when they blossom into beautiful little cherubs wearing Elizabethan collars:

Picture 7

I was happy to see that she finally outgrew her underbite and nostril rash.

And then, just for kicks, I morphed myself with Jude Law, you know, as you do.  And ended up with…a photo of Jude Law.

Picture 11

I’m obviously getting a lot of important business done this weekend.  Is it worth explaining that I am sick again?  (Answer: probably not, because it’s not likely that I can pin this madness on the raging hallucinations of a mild head cold.)



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