Noel Peace.

Picture 6photo 3.PNG

I think we all know who is excited about winning the “NOEL Peace Prize.”

(Hint: it’s me.)

(P.S.: I feel it’s important to note that I used “strangers” to imply that my followers are people who don’t know me personally and are therefore here of their own free will and not because I strong-armed them into reading this blog by threatening to stop liking their status updates.  I did not use “strangers” in a derogatory or negative way.)

(P.S.S.: I am mostly always being sarcastic, but I was legitimately concerned that you guys would be offended by my use of the word “strangers” in that text exchange.  Like, actually.  Forgive me.)


4 thoughts on “Noel Peace.

  1. No worries! This stranger wasn’t offended. 😉 The text conversation was funny, not offensive to those of us that may feel like internet friends but wouldn’t notice each other if we happened to pass each other on the street.


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