I paid off a credit card today.  Paid.  It.  Off.  Look at me, getting things done.  I am such a badass these days.

In addition, I went to work hugely overdressed for the weather, because there have been “record low” temperatures in Los Angeles this week (it was 36* at 4 am in downtown yesterday.  Mind = blown) and I suffered the wrath of a cold, biting wind yesterday when I chose to wear only a hoodie.  Unfortunately, because I can do nothing right generally and never have the upper hand in dealings with more specifically, it was super pleasant and warm today and my giant coat/knit hat combo was a touch too dramatic.  It was too much for one child in my class, who looked at me in my oversized polyester wrap sweater when we were standing in the bright, beautiful sunshine in the play yard and asked, “Sarah, why are you wearing your snow clothes?”  Touche.

Snow clothes:

photo 1-1

By the by, I applied no filter to this photo. The flash was not on. My face is actually this white when in contact with the sun.

Lastly, I came home to find the copy of Inconceivable (Part Un – more on that later) I’d ordered as a baby crazed Sunday morning impulse buy waiting for me on my doorstep.  I was excited to read it when I read a review of it online.  I was more excited to read it when I saw that it has 101 reviews on Amazon and still retains four and a half stars.  And I am bursting with excitement about it now that I’ve seen the cover in person.  Here it is:


This picture is terrible.  Let’s zoom in a little:

Picture 5


“This book will make any reader feel stronger no matter what their medical politics.” -Library Journal

I have never in my life seen a more vague, mildly threatening, totally unsettling cover quote.  What does that even mean?  It seems like a tag line you’d paste in a placeholder, after hearing it spoken by the least articulate person in the world.  Either that, or a fake endorsement for Stephen Colbert’s newest book, No New Taxes – I’m Too Rich.  Even the source, the real live Library Journal, sounds like something someone just thought up while brainstorming the most banal, quasi-literary publications they could imagine, along with Book Magazine and Publisher’s Website.

I am legitimately more intrigued by that quote now than I am by the book.  Never fear, though, I’ll still read the whole thing and report back.

And now this, because obviously:


I love this BECAUSE the word is spelled wrong, not in spite of it.





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