Today was huge – I spoke to an incredibly helpful person about my thesis research and he had positive things to say (as in, I may actually be able to do it, and soon), I submitted my proposal for faculty-wide approval, and I was told I can apply for graduation this quarter (the caveat being the graduation window I’m applying for runs until August 2013, so it’s not like I’d be escaping by March).  When viewed from the outside, I totally understand that these “accomplishments” seem ridiculous in their very tiny scale.  However, given the months and months I’ve felt like I was in a holding pattern, feeling at the mercy of things and people outside my control, having all that forward momentum happen in one day is cause for celebration.  I am in control, dammit.  Me!  I’m slowly knocking things off the to-do list and I’m (currently successfully) telling myself that each seemingly minuscule thing brings me one step closer to being a stable, marketable grown up.

Dear Clomid Failure September/October 2012: Thank you for kicking me into high gear with this Master’s degree.  As it turns out, banking the conception of one’s first child on the completion of one’s hellish grad school experience is a fairly good motivator.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, I just discovered that my twenty-pound cat Huck has figured out that doorknobs open doors, and all it took for me to make that discovery was a terrifying moment alone in the bathroom, when I heard the knob turning and knew it wasn’t my husband.  I’m both proud of his genius and also a little scared of him.


This photo is kinda like a Magic Eye illusion, except instead of letting your eyeballs go slack in order to see a swimming shark or a lion on the savannah, you’re hoping to see what I look like upon waking up at 1:30 in the morning to find a cat head resting peacefully on my face.



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