Sawah, Ahrrrrr Yoouuu?

This weekend, I saw the fake niece again after ages and ages of no contact (read: two months).  Needless to say, it was amazing. She’s speaking in sentences and having conversations, which is only going to get more fun for me, considering the last time I was trusted with her alone for the entire day I taught her how to say “I’m a nut!” like a total pro (although, to be fair, it sounded more like “Imanuh,” because while she is a prodigy, she was, at the time, only thirteen months old).  She’s now remarkably good at ordering people around, saying things like, “Sawah, sit down!” and calling from the other room, “Sawwwwahhhh, ahrrrrrr youuuu?”

Perhaps the best part was discovering that she used both my name and the sentence “I’m a nut” as descriptors for me.  It was either “Auntie Sawah, sit down!” or “I’m a nut, my turn!”

“I’m a nut, more grapes?” or “Auntie Sawah, pens?”

“Auntie Sawah, I missed you,” or “I’m a nut, more chocolate?”

My favorite: “I’m a nut, noodle please!”

It was a dream realized.

(Obviously, I also saw her mom, my dear friend Fertile Myrtle, but FM speaks like a grown adult and doesn’t immediately mimic all the things I say, like “Motorcycle goes rewwy vast!” and is therefore not as funny.  I still love you anyway, FM.  I am so happy that you are home.)



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