Public Relations.

I’ve been wrestling with a tough decision for the last few weeks: to announce the existence of this blog to my legions of fans (read: people from college dorms and ex-jobs) on Facebook or not to announce the existence of this blog.  I kept it secret when I thought I’d only be writing about conception attempts, but now that I find myself with far more to say, I want to open up the readership a smidge.  In struggling with this monumental decision, I have discovered that I am, in fact, way more comfortable with the idea of discussing the contents (or lack thereof) of my uterus with the entire world than I am with the reality of boys I had crushes on in high school having access to what, despite all my attempts at levity, amounts to a carefully crafted period journal.  (Sometimes it is hard for even me to believe I am an adult married woman.)

Also, I told my mom off-hand the other day that I kept a blog and she asked to read it.  I want to let her so she’ll tell me it’s fabulous and I should write a novel.

In the words of The Cat In The Hat, what would you do if your mother asked you?



Hey ex-boyfriends! Wanna know all about it?


5 thoughts on “Public Relations.

  1. In my humble opinion and as a new reader of this blog, I say, give the readers what they want! And they want “more Sawah!” As for your mother, if it means that you would sensor yourself in any way, then don’t do it. If you remain true to your crazy self without that little voice in your head saying “wait! don’t type that! your mother will see!” then let her read it. Or you can just think your mother doesn’t read it, remain true to your readers who want the “real you” and I’ll just show your mom the good parts when we go on our coffee dates without you.

  2. Oh helllllllo, darling! I love your name! 🙂 I probably wouldn’t be able post as freely if I knew my mom was reading, but I’d probably also get a lot of positive reenforcement, which is always good.

    I’m so glad you’re blogging now. It really is a blast. And I can’t wait to read your stuff – it’ll be just like when we were 14 and we would read each other our emotional teenage poetry! Love.

    When you get a chance, say hi to my mom for me. 🙂

    • You should! Why would they think you’re weird? You absolutely aren’t (and I’m an expert on weirdness, so I should know).

      I am desperate to open to the gates. However, for all my big talk, I am really too embarrassed to let people read all about my periods and peeing on things. I’ll probably get over it. It just hasn’t happened yet.


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